That Gang..

I was always known as that goody-goody, or the class nerd. The one who followed the rules and gave homework and the right day and had no detention. I WAS. But not until i joined this gang. Well, not that i joined it. They forced me too. I had no choice really. Everything was different after that night when i became this... rebel child.
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5. Bad News

After school, we had Thanksgiving Break. I was too exhausted to stay up witht the boys all day and night, cuz of those countless times where i followed them late to sell drugs. I slept for 3 days but i dont think they will mind. Some of you may think i changed reall fast from good to rebellious. I did, but im still that girl who does her homework. I dont want to be a girl in a gang forever. I mean, we've all had those Avril Lavigne moments right?


I sat up in my messy bed, and made my way over to the bathroom. After washing my face and doing my stuff,i went in my closet and searched the whole area until i found sweatpants and a loose white tee. I walk downstairs and hear yelling and crashing. I slow my pass down to listen.


'' SHIT ZAYN!'' Harry growled loudly.

'' Harry, Harry calm down its ok and-''

I heard a small whimper. What is going on? I couldnt hear Liam or Niall, just Harry,Louis-

'' HELL,HARRY. Why did you do that?''

And Zayn.

'' Guys,quiet down, Jenny could hear us and-''

I walk in and look around to see plates on the ground, a red faced Harry, Louis holding his face, whincing in pain. Zayn just walked out of the room. My eyes widnen and i gasped silently at everything.

''What the heck is going on guys?'' I asked silently.

Louis and Harry looked at each other and sighed. I have only slept for 3 days,  nothing could really happen between then right? Louis bit his lip and walked over. He sat me down on a stool and metioned Zayn to come over. They looked at me for a minutes and finally Louis spoke up.

'' Liam and Niall... arent with us anymore.''

I felt tears pool in my eyes. I tried to hold them back,but some came down. Liam told me I would be safe when he's here. And Niall, he was always so happy to see me. A sob escaped my  mouth and Harry walked over and held me in his arms. Why could they leave? Leave me with these guys? Everything was ok with them. Not to crazy, not to calm.

'' Why.... why... when?'' I muttered.

'' There were a few misunderstandings and just last night, while you were sleeping. '' Zayn said, calm.


I nodded and felt Harry bend down and say something only he and i could hear and understand.

'' Your turning me on Jenny. You look so freaking hot in my t-shirt too.''

I shiver and felt Harry's strong biceps wrap around my body. I stoped him and looked at them.

'' Will we go out for supper tonight? Since its my birthday and Thanksgiving day?''

The boys looked at each other and smiled. '' Sure Jenny. How hold are you going to be?''

'' 17 today..'' i answer.

They smiled and Harry rushed up in my bedroom. Once my door closed, Harry pushed me against it and kissed me rough. I kissed him back, and bit his lower lip earning and growl from Harry. I felt his erection poke on my thigh and turned around to only fall on the bed. Harry smirked and satrted climbing ontop of me.

WARNING: Mature content is adviced from now on until the very end of the chapter. If you do not feel comfortable with reading the next scenes, feel free to skip.

Harry ripped my shirt off, to reveal my unconvered breasts. His eyes widnened and he started playing with them. He sucked on my left nipple, then gave my other one attention. He kissed his way down to my stomach, before looking up to me. I nod, and feel a desire pool at my area. Harry played with the hem of my sweatpants and i groaned. He chuckled and pulled them down, to reveal my wet underwear.

'' wet for me already huh?'' he said.

He slowly removed my underwear and my back arched. Harry's tongue starts teasing the entrance of my wet pussy. I moaned and arch my back again. He finally connects his tongue to me, and his fingers reach up, to do an eight on my clit. I moan louder and Harry moans as i release myself from my high. He comes back up to kiss me and i flip him over. I peel his shirt off.

'' OH no no. Im ontop. '' He said.

I nod and Watch him take his boxers off revealing a huge cock, bigger than i've ever seen. His teases me by entering his tip in me. I moan as he pushes into me hard. He slips back out and pounds back into me, earning a scream from me. Harry shhed me and slammed into me, picking up his pace. My hands fly up to grip his back and i dig my nails into his back, tearing the skin open. Harry groans and his thrusts get sloppy as he releases himself in me and i scream as i release myself from my high.

'' Happy Birthday..'' Harry says. '' Now go get ready its 3:30 and were leaving for a restaurant at 5 ok?''

I nod and Harry kisses me before walking out.

What just happened?

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