That Gang..

I was always known as that goody-goody, or the class nerd. The one who followed the rules and gave homework and the right day and had no detention. I WAS. But not until i joined this gang. Well, not that i joined it. They forced me too. I had no choice really. Everything was different after that night when i became this... rebel child.
1D ( no famous )


14. Angry Liam

The door slammed shut as I walked in. Liam's voice suddenly boomed in the entrance making me jump. Niall walks in and looks at Liam.

" Have you getten you " groceries " Niall?"

Niall shakes his head, red in embarrasement. What was going on? I just stand there. After two minutes of conplete silence,and staring at one and other, Liam breaks it.

" Where. The. Hell. Were. You. Jen?" Liam asks.

" I um.. sorta kinda slept with Harry.." i stutter.

" YOU WHAT?" Liam yell.

Im pushed on the wall, and i wince in pain as my head hits the wall hardly. I look at Niall in the corner of my eyes, and just by the look of his face, He knew this was going to happen!

" Whats the matter with you?!" he yelled.

I didnt answer and received a slap from Liam. I push back the tears in my eyes and look up. Liam was red, fuming. But i wasnt afraid of him.

" I didnt know." i whisper.

Suddenly, Liam picks me up and brings me to my room. He throws me onto my bed and joins me, looking at me.

* He will NOT rape her i assure you, just pleasure her *

He slided his belt off and tied my hands to the bed. I wiggled and he only tighten it harder. I glared at him and he smiled at his work.

" You are a slut, and you know it!" he yelled.

Those words stung. I showed no emotion, telling him i didnt care. I mean, im enjoying life right?

" You know what? Your only MINE and NIALL'S! not Harry's."

Odly, i was turned on by this. Pleasure and desire pooled in my area below. And it showed. Liam cocked his head sideways, looking at me smirking.

" Your turned on by this?"

I nod. He slips my dress of to reveal my wet, lace undies. He groans at my wetness and his middle finger teases my entrance. I arch my back as his finger enters me and curls forward. Liam adds another finger.

" Who made you this wet? What do you want?"

" Y-you and Niall. Your fingers.. your mouth!" i moan.

He smiles and adds a third finger, stretching my pussy hole. I feel my orgasme build up, as my moans get louder. Suddenly the contact breaks. I groan and sigh as Liam attaches his lips onto me. His skilled tongue dancing paterns and making my orgasme come faster. He sucks and licks, as i bite my lip to prevent screams of pleasure. I groan loudly as i release myself, and Liam moans, as he strokes himself, and receives my cum. He pulls away, and puts the blanket on me. Im already sleepy. I couldnt wait to see what drunk pissed off Liam does...

" Mine and Niall's.. only mine and niall's.."

And i fell asleep.

A/N : Ohh Liam and Jenny had a moment too! Sorry i didnt update yesterday..


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