Good life


2. my boys

Brendan is the best friend in the world. He is tall, has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Sometimes people mistake is for brother and sister. He loves hockey and baseball and all other sports. He also rides. He has a beautiful mare named sky. She is an American paint. Luca in the other hand is a short guy. Well I'm super shortso I guess it doesn't really matter. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He has the cutest smile you have ever seen. He is super athletic. Scotty, his gelding is a beautiful liver chestnut quarter horse. Soon we were at school. The day went by boring and slow as usual and we were all excited at the end of the day. Brendan said he would tag along on the ride. We agreed that we would set uo a picnic because it was supposed to be 27 degrees tonight. I walked home with Brendan because Luca had detention again because of another one of his stupid acts. I tacked up smoky for the ride and packed some food for tonight. Tonight was also Lucas birthday so I was planing something very special...

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