Niall? Or is it Harry?

When Rachael and Tyler have a huge fight in a shopping centre, with One Direction watching their every move, what could happen? What changes in a matter of days?
My first story so don't judge!!


4. what happened?

I woke up from what I thought was a dream, felt arms around me, turned around and saw Niall sleeping like a baby with his arms fully wrapped around me. 'WHAT THE!' I screamed softly but loud enough to wake Niall. 'Hey babe.' Was all he said. ..was everything I thought I dreamt really reality? I stood up but didn't stand for long as i collapsed. Niall racing over to me to help me up, I was still so confused.

'Love, do you remember what happened yesterday?' He sat me on the bed bunk and sat next to me.

'Yesterday?! I swear I didn't sleep that long!'

'Yeah, you were out for 20 hours.'

'Omg, Niall, what happened? I can't remember?'

'Well from what you were mumbling last night was "no stop, please stop it hurts".'

And then it all hit me.. I started having an anxiety attack. 'I, I can't be-breath' I tried to say.

'Its okay love, it's okay. Deep breath in through your nose, out through your mouth. Look at things around you that are stable. Do you see the bed?'

'Mh yes' I said panicking.

'Do you see the tv?'


'Do you see the door?'

'Yes' by then I was more calmed and relaxed. 'How did you do that?'

He replied, 'well, if you look at the solid stuff around you, it takes you out of your head where the scary stuff lives, and puts you back in reality.'

'Wow, how do you know all of this?'

'I used to have the same thing everytime I went on stage.'

..oh yes, One Direction.


'After we found you yesterday with that guy in the hallway, you looked pretty hurt and sore and Louis didn't want you walking around by yourself, so we carried you out to our tour bus.'

Okay, that explains a lot..NOT!

'Oh by the way, were not in Australia anymore.'

'WHAT!!' I screamed making the other 4 boys wake up in there bed bunks and come rushing over.

'Whats wrong?' Screamed Harry. 'Did Niall do something to you??' He demanded to know.

'No no' I said. 'Where are we?'

The boys hesitated abit before saying, 'were in Texas.'


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