Niall? Or is it Harry?

When Rachael and Tyler have a huge fight in a shopping centre, with One Direction watching their every move, what could happen? What changes in a matter of days?
My first story so don't judge!!


2. Shopping Centres

Friday afternoon about 2, I was walking through Centro shopping centre with tears in my eyes, not noticing that One Direction were across from me. Tyler was running after me and he grabbed my arm, I got out of the grip and ran for the shopping centre doors panicking. (We just had a huge fight over our relationship and sex problems). Both of us not noticing One Direction were watching the whole thing. Just before i reached the doors, he grabbed both of my wrists so tight i barely had any blood rushing through left, and he took me to an empty hallway. I was on the ground sobbing, when he grabbed my head and started banging it on the ground to shut me up. In a matter of seconds i was out cold. When I regained conscious a few minutes later, he had his pants off and was lying on top of me. I screamed as loud as i could, which wasn't that loud at all. HELP! HELP! But it was too late. 'Oh no' i thought, 'is this really gonna happen? Is this really gonna be my first time gone? Wasted?' ....

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