Niall? Or is it Harry?

When Rachael and Tyler have a huge fight in a shopping centre, with One Direction watching their every move, what could happen? What changes in a matter of days?
My first story so don't judge!!


3. One Direction

5 boys walked through the hallway and were astonished by what they were seeing. Niall stood their frozen, Harry grabbed Tyler's body and started throwing punches whilst Zayn, Liam and Louis helped me up. Unfortunately, i couldn't stand because of what was just in me and all the blood I had dripping from me. So Zayn and Liam gave me to Louis and Niall to take back to their truck that was parked just outside. Louis pulled me over his shoulder and walked away with Niall. Leaving behind what I could see was a really f*cked Tyler. I passed out a few moments later.

---sorry it was a short chapter, ran out of ideas. Will have a new one up soon!---

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