Just another fan (TH)

Just Another Fan is just another Tokio Hotel fanfic :D


22. Yeah, I guess it is

I went back out and I was so happy. I saw Lexi comfort Erika and Benedikte. My guess was they both were out. I couldn't help but feel kinda happy.
I searched for Lukas, but I couldn't find him anywhere. Maybe he was out and just left. But he couldn't be out. He was very good. He was amazing actually. I needed to speak to him. So many things had happened in such a short time, and he had no idea. He was the only friend I had, and I wasn't even sure if he saw me as a friend. Maybe he hated me too? Maybe everyone did.
I couldn't tell how people felt about me anymore. I had never been super popular or anything, but ever since my dad got sick for real I just shut out all of my friends. I wasn't quite sure why, but it felt like the right thing to do. I didn't want anyone to get too close to me, cause at the time he was very sick I was scared everyone would pass away from me. What I didn't knew was that I was right. Everyone did pass away from me, and no one seemed to care at all. I wasn't sure how to feel either. Not about my dad, not about my mom, Lily, DSDS. I just kinda felt nothing. 

"Anna? There you are I've been looking everywhere for you", Lukas said.
​I hadn't seen him walk over here, but suddenly he was in front of me. I jumped right into his arms and gave him a giant hug.
"I need to talk to you about something. Can we sit over there", I whispered into his ears and pointed at a pile of wood.
"Sure", he said and we sat down unto the wood.

"So what's wrong", Lukas asked.
"Well. I'll just start from the beginning. You know my dad died short time ago right", I asked and he nodded. "Well, a while back I decided that I wasn't the right person to take care of Lily. I was too fragile myself, and she needed a save home with a good family. So I found her a foster family, and now she's living with them. That sounds all good right? Well, when I called Lily, her stepmom told me that I could never ever see Lily again, because I destroyed her life. And like that wasn't bad enough then the other day I went to the hospital to visit my mom. And guess what? She killed herself. So now I'm on my own. No one cares about me, and all the people I cared about are gone".
Lukas looked at me like he was in shock. I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw tears in his eyes as well.
"I don't even know what to say", he studded. "Your life is just getting worse and worse".
"Yeah, I guess it is", I agreed.

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