Just another fan (TH)

Just Another Fan is just another Tokio Hotel fanfic :D


21. We are not sure if you're ready quite yet

I was standing with the other contestants. Some of them was through already. I was so nervous, I could hardly stand up. I was even more nervous about seeing Bill after I stormed out on him. I could see some people jumping and screaming out of happiness, whilst others was crying. I couldn't stop thinking, what if I wasn't good enough, what if I was too insecure, what if my background had ruined my chances, or maybe the thing with Bill did.

"Anna, you're up next", a man who worked at DSDS said. I felt like I was about to get a panic attack. Standing in front of the judges would be impossible. I could never do that. But I had to. I had no choice.
The person before me was Benedikte. I couldn't see her face, but judging from the look on Bill's face it wasn't good news. She turned around, and she looked pretty pissed. I didn't want her to see me, so I hid behind a sign. 
"Anna it's your turn", one of the women said.

As I walked towards the judges a lump was growing in my throat. I knew that I wouldn't be able to speak. They we're all staring at me, and it made me very uncomfortable. Fortunately Bill was wearing sunglasses, so I couldn't look him in the eyes. And I don't think I would be able to either. I stopped and waited for them to say something, but they we're all silent for a minute.
"Anna we had a hard time deciding whether you should be here or not. For so many reasons you really deserve this, but we're just not sure if you are ready quite yet. We were two against two, so we had to think rational, and we decided", Dieter said, and looked at Bill. There were the longest pause ever, and then Bill said.
"We decided that you should stay".

I couldn't believe it. I was still a contestant in Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar! I could be that superstar. I had never been this happy before.
"Thank you so much", I said. "You won't regret this".


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