Just another fan (TH)

Just Another Fan is just another Tokio Hotel fanfic :D


16. Talking

The day passed by, and the other girls were still really mad at me, but I didn't really care much. The judges called all of us together, and we all knew that some of us was going home. 
"Some of you did great, but we all know that no one did really great in this round", Dieter said.
I got really nervous and Lukas took my hand and squeezed it. I thought of Lukas as my only friend which was really sad since I barely knew him. I wanted to get closer with Bill and Tom, and I knew this was my chance to get to know them. It looked like Bill was looking at me, but I wasn't sure. He was so beautiful, I didn't even listen to a word Dieter said.
"Anna", Dieter said.
That woke me up. Dieter just called me up and now my chances of going through was only 50 percent. I thought it went okay, but apparently it didn't. I should learn to be better at listening. 
"Well you all did an okay job, but there were definitely something missing", Dieter began.
I took a look to my left, and next to me stood a girl and a boy I didn't know, and in the end Lexi stood, while she looked at me like she was mentally killing me. If she didn't get through and I did most of the people would hate me since she was kind of a queen bee.
"Anna we'll start with you", Dieter said. 
"Anna you did a great job, and you sang amazing like always, but you know what I'm about to say, and I can see that you are trying, but we're not sure if that is enough", Bill said.
I felt like someone had punched me hard in the stomach and then jumped on me afterwards.
"But since sending you home isn't an opportunity for any of us you're obviously staying", Bill said and smiled.
I couldn't believe it! I was through. I was not going home quite yet. 
"Thank you", I said polite, but I couldn't help smiling.
"You are welcome", Bill said and blinked.

I didn't pay much attention for the boy and the girl, but from what I got none of them came through. But when they talked about Lexi I began listening.
"Lexi you're a really pretty girl, and we know you can dance, so what we don't get is why you didn't dance today. Your singing is okay, but you aren't the best in the show. We know that putting you in a group with Anna maybe wasn't the best idea, but it was a challenge. You didn't pass, and that's why we can't send you through", Dieter said.
I couldn't believe my own ears. At some level I was really happy she was out since she wasn't my favorite person, but I was also really scared that I could be shut out from the rest of the contestants. 

When they finished the people who went through, including me, went to a new house where we was going to stay and sing. We started out with this Caribbean party where everyone seemed really happy and everyone was having such a blast, but since it wasn't really my thing I chose to just go sit in a corner and think. I was scared about what happened to Lily. She was the only thing I had, and now I didn't even have her anymore.
I could hear somebody walking behind me, so I turned around and saw it was Bill.
"Hi Anna what's wrong? Why are you sitting here? You do realize there's a party on the other side of the house right", Bill asked.
"Do I look like a person who loves partying", I asked and Bill laughed.
"No, not really, but we just announce to all the other contestants that someone will be performing tonight. It's not you though, so don't you worry. Tonight you'll just have to watch", Bill said.
"You're talking to me like I'm a little child. I'm used to being the adult one, so I don't really need you cheering me up. But thanks for trying though", I said.
"You're welcome. I do think you need someone to take care of you though. Are you just living alone with your sister", he asked.
"My sister just moved to a foster family, so I'm living all by myself except I can't afford rent so I may not have a place to live when I get home", I answered.
"That's terrible! You can stay with Tom and me. Except we live in a hotel so there wouldn't be much space. I can rent you a hotel room", he offered. 
"As nice as that sounds I can't live in a hotel room until I have enough money to buy an apartment, because if I don't win this I won't ever have enough money", I said.
"You don't know that. If you get to the live shows there's a big chance you might get contacted by a record company, and then you could sell your music, and since you're great at English you could get international. Don't you worry Anna everything will be just fine", Bill said.
"Thank you, that's really nice of you to say. I hope it will", I said.
"Anna, I", Bill began, but her got interrupted by Tom.
"What are you two doing here? Everyone is waiting for you, come on", Tom said and began to walk.
"What is it", I asked Bill.
"I'll tell you later", he said, and we walked towards the other people.

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