Just another fan (TH)

Just Another Fan is just another Tokio Hotel fanfic :D


20. Paparazzi

When Bill looked at me I could see the pity in his eyes. I hated when people did that. 
"Bill I don't want you to send me to the liveshows just because you've seen the cuts on my arms and you know I'm in a terrible place. I want you sending me through because you truly believe that I can make it! I hate that I have to have that constant doubt. Please only send me through if I deserve it", I begged, even though it wouldn't make much of a difference.
"And also, please do not tell anyone about this", I finished. 
"Anna I don't know what to say. You're a great person, and I wanna help you, but you must understand that it's hard for me too. I can't send you through, because people would think it was just because of your dad. But I can't tell you no either, because then people will think I'm heartless. I don't know what to do", he said and looked at his feet. Just like I looked at mine. 
"Maybe you should just stay passive and let the other judges decide. They don't know about my mom and Lily. Bill I'm not sure how I feel yet and I don't think sending me through because you feel sorry for me will help me in any way", I said.
He stepped forwards, so we stood really close. I looked at our feet, but he putted his hand on my chin. I looked up and we pushed our foreheads together. I looked him in the eyes. His eyes was absolutely beautiful. Even more than could ever imagine. I had only seen his eyes on pictures, and I was absolutely in love with them, but they were even more perfect in real life. I closed my eyes and he pressed his lips against mine. And then we kissed. Just like that. I kissed Bill Kaulitz. From my all time favorite band Tokio Hotel. I had loved him since forever and now he was kissing me. In front of a hotel. Suddenly a light flashed and we both stopped and looked up. It was paparazzi's. Just as I thought my life couldn't be any worse. Now he couldn't send me through. People would think it was only because he liked me. And maybe that was the reason. I wasn't sure, but it seemed quite legit. If I was send home now then he wouldn't spend as much time with me. But now he wouldn't send me through. It would be too risky.

Bill took my hand and we ran inside before there would be more people looking at us. We had no idea that there was anyone around at all.
"Anna that was the only thing that couldn't happen", he said.
"I know. The paparazzi's are terrible. How do you live with them", I asked.
"I meant the kiss Anna", he said.
"What? You didn't care that the paparazzi took a photo, but the fact that you kissed me is just terrible? That pretty freaking low of you Bill. I expected more from you", I screamed. 
"Anna you don't understand", Bill began, but I interrupted him.
"Oh, I do understand. You're no different from anyone else. I guess it was wrong of me to think so", I yelled and ran out of the door.

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