Just another fan (TH)

Just Another Fan is just another Tokio Hotel fanfic :D


14. My salvation

While I packed all my stuff for the Caribbean I felt a hole grow in my stomach. I felt terrible about giving Lily away, but I knew it was the right decision. The house was empty. I was used to have 3 people around you and then suddenly there was no one. Dad died, mom went to the hospital and she won't come out for at least 3 months and Lily just went to a foster family. I went to sleep, but I didn't sleep much. In 3 hours I was going to the airport to fly to the Caribbean with the other contestants and the judges will be there too.

I went up and walked to the train station and went into the train that was going to the airport. I tried to sleep, but I could hardly close my eyes. I was so excited, but I was also very terrified. I was going to be in a group with 3 girls. Most of the girls seemed very shallow and I was scared we would sing some shallow song too.
I wanted to sing duet with Bill though. That was my biggest dream. But that wasn't what this program was about unfortunately. But if I couldn't be with Bill, I wanted to be with Lukas. 

I sat next to some girl I didn't know in the plane, so I tried to sleep again. And this time I succeed.
I woke up when the plane landed on Caribbean. It was beautiful, but very warm outside. I liked cold weather better than warm weather. I didn't want to wear a bikini like everyone else. I would never do that. I wore a leather bracelet on each arm, and I wore shorts that stopped just above the knees and then a black T-shirt. No one else was actually wearing clothes. All the boys walked around without their shirts on and the girls in their bikini or sexy swimsuit. 

Music began to play, and a man who worked for DSDS asked us to go on the boat and party. Partying on a boat with a bunch of people I didn't know wasn't what I wanted right now. But everyone else seemed to have a blast. Also Lukas. He was walking around and he danced and he talked to everyone. I wanted to do the same, but I was too sad. All I could think of was Lily. I wanted to be with her, but I also wanted to win, so I stayed focused. 
When we went of the boat everyone seemed like they knew each other, so I walked alone. 

The judges arrived, and all I looked at was Bill and Tom. Dieter held a speech, but I didn't listen at all. 
Everyone began to walk away, and I tried to, but I couldn't. Lily was alone with some strangers right now, and it was my fault. I couldn't believe I did that. All the judges stood up, and began to walk away, except from Bill. He looked at me for a while.
"Anna are you okay? I know you're having a hard time, and if this is too much, you can always leave", he said.
"I know, but I want to win. I just miss my sister a lot, and I might not see her in a long time", I said.
Bill stood up, and walked towards me.
"Remember that if you need someone to talk to I will always be here for you", he said, and walked away.
I felt a rush of joy going through my body. Bill was so nice, and it seemed like he actually liked me. 

"Are you Anna", some random girl asked from behind me. 
"Yes I am", I said.
"Then you're in our group", she said, grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward two other girl.
They were all wearing bikini's, and they were all very pretty and sexy. I felt like an outsider, which I was. They all wanted to dance some sexy dance, and sing some pop songs, that I didn't even know.
"Anna why aren't you suggesting anything? What kind of music do you like", a girl named Lexi said.
"I don't really listen to music much at the moment, but I used to listen to a lot of Tokio Hotel", I answered.
All the girls turned silent and then they began to laugh.
"You do realize that Tom and Bill are in Tokio Hotel right", another girl called Benedikte said.
"Yes I do, I'm not stupid", I said.
"So you only entered DSDS to meet them? That's so pathetic", the third girl Erika asked.
"For your information I didn't even knew they were the judges, but for what do you care", I asked back. "But to get back on track, what did the judges tell you to do if you wanted to go far".
"More feeling", Lexi said, and Benedikte and Erika nodded. "What about you".
"I needed to get more confident", I said.
"Do you have any ideas for what to sing if we need to have more feeling in our song", Erika asked.
"I think Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin would be a good song to sing for all of us", I said.
None of the girl knew it already, so I had to play it for them. They thought it was weird, but if that song would get them through, then that was what they wanted to do.

Benedikte began and sang the first verse, then Erika with the chorus, me in the second verse, then Lexi in the second chorus, I sang the bridge, then Erika, Benedikte and Lexi shared the last chorus and then at last we sang a 'My salvation, my, my' each with me in the end.

We went to sing in front of the judges, and I could feel how nervous the other girls were. This wasn't in their comfort zone, which made them even more nervous. 
"Hello", Dieter said. "What are you going to sing for us today".
They all looked at me, I bet they didn't even remember the song title.
"Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin", I said.
"Never heard of it", Tom said. "But please begin".

Benedikte began to sing, and it sounded amazing. When Erika began to sing, I felt really nervous, cause I knew it was me soon. 
Erika finished the chorus, and I began with the second verse. I was satisfied by how our performance turned out. It didn't seem like the other girls hated me anymore.

"Wow", Tom said when we finished. "This was definitely not what I expected".

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