Just another fan (TH)

Just Another Fan is just another Tokio Hotel fanfic :D


10. Don't worry

Bill cares about me? Sice when? He barely knows me? He can't care about me. This is making everything so much worse. 

After a while everyone began to show up. I didn't dare to look around, but when everyone had showed up, I took a look around anyways.
Everyone was very pretty and gorgeous looking, and then there were me. But everyone else seemed to be just as nervous as I was, and some were even more nervous. The room was filled with silence. Not the same kind of silence as when I walked into a class in school. Or just anywhere. This was a good, but nervous silence, and I liked it.

5 minutes later the judges came into the room and sat on their judge seats. Bill smiled, but the others seemed very serious. Dieter scared me a lot, and I knew he didn't want me to be in DSDS.
"Welcome everyone", Dieter started. He talked for a while, but I forgot everything he said right after he had said it. 

"The first group is", Dieter started. Now I was listening. "Amelia, Beate and Johannes".
Well that wasn't me. I wanted to be one of the first, but with my bad luck, I would properly be the last.
"The next group is", Dieter said, and he continued like that for a while. 
"And the last group is", Dieter said. This was my group. I looked at the last person left. It was a boy who must have been like 20 or something.
"Anna and Lukas", Dieter said, and we stepped forward.
Lukas looked like a really nice person, and I was looking forward to get to know him. The best part of it was that he didn't know about my dad. He wouldn't feel sorry for me until he found out. And all the time until then would be wonderful.
"Anna, remember what we talked about", Bill said.
"I will", I said and Lukas and I went out to find our room. 

"It was Anna wasn't it", Lukas asked.
"Yeah. Or actually it's Annabelle, but I prefer to be called Anna. You're Lukas, right", I asked back.
"I am", he said and opened the door to our room.
The room was really big and it seemed very cozy. This was the perfect place to get to know someone. 

I talked to Lukas for hours, until we had to go watch the first group perform.
The waiting time was horrible. Some groups was better than others. Lukas and I wasn't going to perform till tomorrow, so we had lots of time to practice and to get to know each other. 
Almost all the groups was crying when they came out, and it really freaked me out. 
Day one was over, and under half of the contestants was through. Lukas and I had no chance of getting through. He was a good singer though, so maybe he would get through and I would be kicked home. 

We walked back to our rooms, and I laid down on my bed.
"Lukas how can we get through, when even the best singers just went home", I asked.
"The best singers didn't just go home, they're still here. We're the best singers Anna. We have to believe that. The judges will see it if you don't believe in yourself. I know you've had a hard past and all, but you have to be confident now", Lukas exclaimed. I didn't see that one coming.
"What do you know about my past", I  asked. I was both angry and sad at the same time. How did he know?
"Everybody knows about your dad Anna. A woman who works here told everyone when they arrived, so we would take care and so we wouldn't say stuff that made you sad. They were scared you would break down or something. But I don't want to treat you in a special way. I really don't", Lukas said. 
Now I was just mad. Why did they have to walk around telling people to take care of me. I hated when people took care of me. I didn't need it at all.
"Why would they say that", I asked. 
"I already told you. They're scared what you might do", he answered.
"Yeah I'm going to burn down all of Germany because my dad is dead. I like you Lukas. Please don't treat me different because of my dad. It's the worst thing ever. When people comes over and tells me how sorry they are, I just feel like choking them", I said and laughed.
"You're very weird, you know that", Lukas asked. 
"I know, but I don't mind", I answered. "I'll just call my sister, and then we can go to sleep".

I took my phone and I called home. Lily answered the phone as expected. 
​"Hi it's Lily", she said. She sounded kind of sad, but I thought it was because she missed me.
"Hi Lily it's Anna", I laughed. 
"Anna, I'm so glad you called. Mom just went to the hospital, because she took a lot of pills. I saw her taking them, so I called the hospital right after. Was that the right thing to do", she asked.
I couldn't believe it. How could my mom do this to her when I wasn't there to take care of her? But I also felt guild. I was too mean to her. Way too mean.
"Lily, I'm so sorry. Shall I come home? It's not a problem, I can just enter next year if you want me to be there right now", I said.
I could see Lukas was looking worried at me.
"Anna you can't go home, you have to do this", he said.
"He's right Anna. I'll be okay. I'm living at my friend Molly's house right now, and I will be fine, don't worry", Lily said. 
"Are you sure Lily", I asked
"I am, don't worry", she said.
"I'll be back home soon", I said, and we said goodbye.

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