Baby Styles

Jessica Garvin gets herself a fake ID and enters a club. At only sixteen she meets a guy and goes home with him, she's too drunk to realise that she had just had sex with Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. And he got her pregnant.


9. Chapter 9 ~ Kicked Out and The Name Drew

Louis' P.O.V


I heard Tom apologize to Jess for the fourth time, we were currently on our way back to Jess and Tom's, apparently her mother wanted her home straight away. I pulled into the drive way and Tom hopped out, Jess followed and the stood next to the car waiting for me to get out too.

"Okay, Liam look after them, don't misbehave and do not get out the car unless you have to," I instructed and they all nodded, I climbed out the car and joined Tom and Jessie. As soon as we opened the door I heard her mother shouting at her.

"Don't you dare lie to me Jessica, are you pregnant?"

"Yes mum but I-,"

"I do not care Jessica, You, you were meant to save yourself for marriage," She spoke through gritted teeth.

"You didn't,"

"And look what it gave me, a retard and a slut," Tom turned around and breathed out heavily.

"Don't bring anyone else into this mum, he's not a retard, he has dyslexia, it's different,"

"Not that different," She muttered. "Anyway, I have booked an abortion appointment, tomorrow at three okay?" Her mother started to fold clothes.


"What do you mean?"

"I mean no, I'm not having an abortion,"

"Oh, Jessica dear you are and er... who are you?" She asked pointing at me.

"I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson,"

"Did you knock her up?"

"Well I wouldn't say I knocked her up, more like got her pregnant," I sighed, her mum glared at me, "Yes, I did," I added looking down.

"Get out my house," She spoke harshly and flicked her wrist, as if telling me to shoo. I did and went outside, I sat in the car and waited ten minutes before Tom and Jess left the house, both with bags.

"She kicked me out," They both said in unison.

"You can stay at mine," Sofia smiled and Jess shook her head.

"I can't my mum rang your mum, telling her that I'm a slut and all that," Jess moaned and Tom dropped his bag. "But Tom can stay at yours, she didn't mention him," She added and I stepped forward taking the light pink suitcase out of Jess' hands.

"You can stay with me and Harry," I suggested and wrapped my arm round her waist, leading her to the car. She sat back in her seat and then allowed Tom and Sofia to get in as well. Sofia gave me instructions on how to get to hers and we finally made it, Tom climbed out, kissing Jessie on the forehead, he whispered something in her ear which made her smile.

"See you later, okay?" He asked her and she nodded, Sofia then followed Tom and they both walked up Sofia's driveway.

"Will you drop me off at Zayn's?" Niall asked.

"And me!" Liam and Zayn added, I chuckled and pulled up outside Zayn's house the three boys ran up the drive and almost ran into the door. 

"Why does she have to stay with us Lou?" Harry whined and I turned to him.

"That baby, could be mine, or yours, okay? She needs us because we have basically screwed her life up, I think letting her stay is the least we can do,"I hissed and then he turned away from me and sulked.

"Thought of any names you like?"

"Well, if it was a boy I really like the name Drew," I smiled and Harry snorted.

"Do you want him to get bullied, 'cause if you do then go ahead call the poor child Drew," He snickered, pleased that he had upset Jessica.

"Drew was a friend I used to have at school, one day there was a shooting and the man was going to kill me, Drew jumped in front as the man pulled the trigger so he was killed instead of me," She whimpered and my eyes went wide, I slapped Harry's arm and he mumbled an apology. Finally we had reached the house and so we all got out the car and went inside, I showed Jessie where she was going to be staying and she thanked me. I left her because I knew that remembering the whole Drew thing was probably very upsetting. As soon as I entered the kitchen Harry started talking.

"I didn't mean to Louis, I didn't know,"

"That's the problem you never know, all you had to do was smile and say it was a nice choice," I sat next to him.

"I'll go apologize," He got up and left, I heard a faint knock and then I heard nothing for about ten minutes. Harry returned and looked like he'd been crying.

"Harry?" I whispered and he looked at me, "You okay?"

"Yeah, fine," He answered. "Look Lou, I'm gonna go to bed I'm really tired," He picked up an apple and kissed my cheek.

No, Harry and I are not romantically involved, we're just best friends, like brothers.

"Alright then, goodnight Harry,"

"Goodnight Lou," He replied.



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