Baby Styles

Jessica Garvin gets herself a fake ID and enters a club. At only sixteen she meets a guy and goes home with him, she's too drunk to realise that she had just had sex with Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. And he got her pregnant.


8. Chapter 8 ~ Saving Sofia and Telling Mum

"Jess' P.O.V - 9 weeks later.

The One Direction boys have been taking us out and we were all really good friends, except Harry and I. He still thought the baby wasn't his or Louis but I don't care any more. My baby bump wasn't noticeable.

"Heya," He smiled as his face appeared on my laptop screen.

"Hi, you look cute," I winked, he was shirtless and had a hat on which had tiger ears. 

"I know, god," He said sarcastically and I giggled. "Hows foetus?"

"Good," I answered, we called the baby foetus because we couldn't say he or she because we didn't know yet.

"Okay well Zayn says hi, he's over there," Louis pointed off the screen.

"Zayn?" I yelled and his head popped onto the screen.

"S'up cheesecake?" He chuckled and I grinned.

Cheesecake was Zayn's name for me, because we were at a cafe one day and we were all ordering what we wanted, every one either wanted pie or chicken or curry and I just said 'cheesecake please' so I got cheesecake and from then on that has been my name.

"Okay Lou, see you later?" I asked. "For the scan?" I added quickly and his eyes lit up.

"Yes, I am so excited!" He squealed.

"I gotta go LouBear,"

"Okay then sweetie, bye," He waved and then ended the Skype call. I shut my laptop and picked up my mobile, I called Sofia. 

Sofia and Tom are still not friends, well they are but there not. Tom won't speak to her because every time he does he gets so upset that she'll never be his which is pretty adorable for an eighteen year old. 

Sofia on the other hand seems happy enough to sit right next to Tom and talk about Jamie the whole time, even though she can tell it upsets him. I really don't know what's got into them.

"Hello?" She answered, panting.

"Sofia, it's Jess, You ok?"

"Yeah I'm-uhh fine," She almost moaned. I gasped instantly knowing what was going on.

"Sofia? You're having sex with Jamie," I screamed and she sighed.

"Problem with that?"

"Yeah, you are sixteen, do you not know what happened to me?" I screamed.

"Uhhhh, I don't care," She hung up.

"Jessie you okay?" Tom knocked on the door.

"No not really, Sofia and Jamie are, you know but I think he's pressuring her to do it, I mean she's changed and-" I didn't have time to finish my sentence because Tom had stormed out. I heard a door slam then realised where he was going, and what he was going to do.

"Tom wait!" I yelled running out the door grabbing his arm, he shook me off.

"No, I love her Jess," He mumbled.

"Is this the only way?"

"Yes, maybe it is okay? I am going to get him," I realised I wouldn't win this argument but I decided to go with him so I could stop it if it got too bad.

We finally reached Sofia's and luckily the back door was open so we ran inside and went straight upstairs to her room, we could hear panting and moaning.

"You ready for me yet baby?" A male voice grunted. Tom suddenly hit the door, causing it to open. Sofia and Jamie both covered themselves and had disgusted looks on their faces.

"Get off her! Now!" Tom demanded as he chucked Jamie's boxers at him. He pulled them on and then stood up. I picked up Sofia's clothes and handed them to her, she snatched them off me and put them on.

"Babe, leave 'em off I love your bod'," Jamie muttered and Tom hit him in the stomach.

"She, has changed because of you," He screamed as he threw more and more punches. Jamie was on the floor with a bloody nose so I grabbed Sofia's hand and took her downstairs. I made her a cup of tea and made her sit on the sofa.

"You okay Sofia?"

"I wasn't going to have sex with him, I wanted you to come get me," She whimpered.


"I, I tried dropping hints but you didn't listen to them," 


"The other day I told you I wasn't happy at the moment, you asked why and I said because he's changed and you just dropped the subject," 

"I'm sorry," 

"I shouldn't have ever dated him I knew he only wanted to use me, I was only trying to get over some one else," 

"Some one else?"

"Yeah, but I don't want a relationship right now,"

"Oh okay," We heard footsteps and saw a beaten Jamie run out the house, Tom followed and Sofia gasped at the sight of him. She ran up to Tom and pulled him to the kitchen I followed and watched as she made him sit on the counter while she put a cloth under water. Sofia slowly dabbed each one of his cuts until he no longer had blood on him.

"There," She mumbled kissing his forehead. "Thank you," She added hugging him and he smiled, hugging her back.

"Let's go to your scan," Tom suggested and I nodded, so we walked back to mine and Lou was already waiting, I explained what had happened and he just nodded, kissing my cheek.

The drive to the doctors was silent, The eight of us never spoke, again it was a seven seater and so Sofia sat on Tommo's lap.

"We're here," Louis said softly and I jumped out the car. We sat waiting for ages and then I was told I could only have three people, I chose Tom, Sofia and Louis so I entered the room and the woman put jelly on my belly then put the ultrasound scan thing on my tummy. She searched for a bit before finding this small tiny baby. Louis was tearing up as he held my hand and I couldn't see Tom or Sofia.

"How many photos?" The nurse asked.

"Ten?" I looked at Louis and he nodded.

"Ten it is then," She walked off to go get my photos. Tom's phone buzzed so he answered it and it was obviously mum, he made the biggest mistake ever.

"Hello Mum?" He whispered. "We're just at the doctors, Jess is having her ultrasound," Then he realised.


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