Baby Styles

Jessica Garvin gets herself a fake ID and enters a club. At only sixteen she meets a guy and goes home with him, she's too drunk to realise that she had just had sex with Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. And he got her pregnant.


6. Chapter 6 ~ Cards and Dates

Sofia's P.O.V.


My plan, was genius. I smiled to myself as the old lady passed me the bag. I ran to Jess' and Tom's place. I laid all the contents of the bag on the floor.

"What's all this for?" Tom asked.

"It's a surprise," I answered and he rolled his eyes, God he's cute when he does that.

"Come on Sofia," Tom whined as he sat on the floor next to me.

"No, Go get Jess," I ordered and he sighed.

"JESSICA!" He yelled in my ear. I winced and he frowned. "Sorry," 

"I'm fine," I answered.

"S'up?" Jessica asked as she sat on the floor next to Tom.

"My plan, is amazing so..." I started, Tom smirked and cocked his head to the side. "Anyway, I bought this card, Jessie, you will write on it then we will send it to their address," I said proudly. Tom nodded his head in approval. 

"Clever," Jess squealed and then hugged me. I handed her the card.

"Write with this," I handed her the pen and she smiled. "Okay. Now put... Dear Louis or Harry, I tried calling you, I tried to tell you but you wouldn't listen, So I thought I could tell you in writing. I'm pregnant, with your baby, I don't know which one of you is the father but it's either Harry or Louis, I know this because I was a virgin that night, now I'm not and I went home with you.  All my love Jessica Garvin" As I said it she wrote it down and Tom was now smirking again.

"Good plan, Sofia," 

"Thanks Tom," I stuck my tongue out at him and he winked. Jess had put the card in the envelope which I had already written the address on.

"I'll go post it," I suggested and Tom stood up.

"I'll go too, Jess look after Haymitch," Tom said. Haymitch was Jess and Tom's cat, named after Jess' favourite character from the Hunger Games. The small ginger kitten padded softly into the room and Jess picked him up.

"Bye!" I shouted as we left the house and started to walk to the postbox. 

"Uhh, Sofia I need to tell you something," Tom whispered and I smiled.


"Hey Sofia!" Someone called, I turned to see Jamie.

"Hey Jamie," I replied and he jogged over.

"You still on for tomorrow night?" He asked and I nodded. "See you then, bye," He called as he turned around to walk the other way.

"What's going on tomorrow?" Tom questioned.

"I'm off on a date," I said excitedly, I was finally going on a date, finally attempting to get over liking Tom.

"Oh, right, I er, I have to go," He smiled weakly, he looked like he was going to faint, or cry.

"Ok, bye then,"

"Have a nice date," He sniffed.


He was crying.

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