Baby Styles

Jessica Garvin gets herself a fake ID and enters a club. At only sixteen she meets a guy and goes home with him, she's too drunk to realise that she had just had sex with Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. And he got her pregnant.


3. Chapter 3 ~ Morning Sickness and I'm Pregnant?!

It was three weeks since the incident at the club all I can remember from that night is the guy’s name. Harry. It was a Tuesday morning when I woke up feeling sick. I rushed into the bathroom and threw up. Tom heard and came in, holding back my hair.

“Let’s get you to a doctors, you’ve been like this for three days now,” Tom whispered in my ear and I just nodded. He went and booked an emergency appointment while I showered and changed.

He came in my room once I had changed and told my the time of my appointment, he also said he'd drive me. I was nervous because I was pretty sure that Harry and I hadn't used protection, but it was my first time. It was my first time, using a fake id, drinking alcohol and having sex.

"You okay? You zoned out for a bit," Tom waved his hand in front of my face, he was leaning against my chest of drawers. I nodded, he returned his gaze to the screen of his iPhone.

"Yeah I'm fine, but Tom?" I asked and he turned his head to face me.

"What's up?"

"What if I'm, you know?" I whispered and he frowned a little.

"Well, we will just have to get on with it, I mean I could help you, and we could find out the baby's dad and all that," Tom explained calmly. I smiled as he wrapped his arm around me, hugging me slightly. "Sis, we'll be fine," He mumbled.

"Thank Tommo," I chuckled. My phone started to ring so I answered it.

"Hey, Sofia," I greeted and I heard Sofia say Hi back.

"What you up to?" She asked.

"Off to the doctors in half an hour, I've been really sick," I said slowly. I heard her hum.

"Can you pick me up? I'll come with you, I'm guessing Tommo is taking you," She questioned.

"Sure, and yeah he is, see you in twenty,"

"Bye," She hung up and I looked at Tom.

"Can we pick Sofia up?" I quizzed, giving him my best puppy dog eyes. He just sighed and nodded, knowing he could not say no to my sad pout.

"We better get going, it takes five minutes to get to Sofia's house, and I want to go to the shop first," Tom decided as he slid his phone into his back pocket. I started to leave the room, and my brother followed. We went down the stairs then both hopped into his car. He started to drive almost straight away and we arrived at Sofia's house. She ran out wearing a cute pair of pink shorts, with a white crop top which had a pink hearts on it. Her pink shoes were undone and she almost tripped over them. She smiled when she saw Tom and I.

"Hey Sofia," I greeted, she beamed then winked at Tom.

"Hi Sofia," Tom said,trying to hide his red face.

"Hey guys, So doctors?" She asked.

"No, shop first," Tom explained and she nodded. Tom started the car and we drove to the nearest super market. We all got out the car and jogged into the shop. Sofia grabbed a basket and Tom chucked three Dr. Pepper's in and some chewing gum. He then added basic groceries to the basket, to make it look like we were shopping, not visiting the doctors. Tom paid for all the shopping then Sofia and I took it out to the car, we loaded the boot, making sure we had our drinks, and then sat back down. I passed Tom his drink and we drove to the doctors.

"Jess? You late?" Sofia quizzed. I quickly counted in my head, then I realised. I was late, about a week late, I was never late. Sofia must have noticed because she smiled weakly at me.

"We're here," Tom announced but we didn't need to go in. All three of us knew that I was pregnant. It all added up.

Worst of all, I don't know who the father is.

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