Baby Styles

Jessica Garvin gets herself a fake ID and enters a club. At only sixteen she meets a guy and goes home with him, she's too drunk to realise that she had just had sex with Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. And he got her pregnant.


24. Chapter 24 ~ Making up and HOW MANY??!

Louis' P.O.V


It had been a whole month since I told Jess I loved her. She had kept avoiding me and Harry would send death glares at me every now and then, but on the plus side Niall and Zayn are getting closer, they're not together yet. However they have been on dates and it was looking good for them. I was glad because Niall needed Zayn, and I think Zayn had finally realized.

"Lou? Louis!" Sofia clicked her fingers at me.

"What?" I asked.

"I need you to take Jess to the hospital," Sofia started, I panicked because hearing the word hospital usually means someone is in trouble. Sofia noticed the look on my face. "She's worried that she's putting too much weight so I said I'd get you to take her because she thinks you're mad at her," Sofia added handed me a piece of paper. I read it and it told me when her appointment was. Ten past three, and it was already half two.

"I'll go get her then," I mumbled as I stood up and walked over to Jess and Sofia's room. She was laid on her bed with Harry laid next to her. I breathed out, trying to calm myself. I walked into the room, hiding my sadness with a fake smile.

"What the hell do you want Louis?" Harry asked, he sounded pissed at me. Of course he was pissed at me, I loved his girl.

"I need Jess, Sofia sent me,"

"Why?" Harry spoke harshly.

"I'm off for a scan and I wanted Lou to take me, this might be his baby," Jess whispered.

"I'm going too," Harry got off Jess' bed and walked through the nursery to mine and his room, which we have unfortunately had to share for the past month. He grabbed a hoody and came back into Jess and Sofia's room. I sighed, I wanted the alone time with Jess.

"Let's go then," Jess pushed past me and started to leave the house. I drove Jess, Harry and I to the hospital. We were silent the whole way.

"We're here," I announced and so Jess and Harry got out the car. I quickly followed.

"Louis, will you go tell them I'm here?" Jess asked me, smiling. I nodded and smiled back before walking over to the reception desk.

"Hello, how can I help you?" A woman asked, she had long brown hair tied back into a ponytail and blue eyes.

"Hi, my friend is having a baby, she's put a lot of weight on and I mean a lot so I was wondering if you could maybe get someone to see her?" I questioned. "I know that you are probably really busy but she stresses so easily and I don't want her to harm the baby," I added. The lady nodded and typed something into her computer. I had to wait a few minutes before she looked up again.

"Dr. Clark has had a cancellation and he will see you, it will be roughly ten minutes," The receptionist spoke I thanked her then walked back over to Jess and Harry.

"Dr Clark had a cancellation so the lady booked you in, it'll be about ten minutes," I repeated what the receptionist had said.

"Thanks Lou," Jess patted the seat next to her so I sat down. Harry scowled at me and then I lost it.

"Harry, what do you want from me?" I quizzed.

"Nothing," He replied.

"It's not my fault that I like Jess,"

"I don't care, she's my girl,"

"So? I love her and that's that okay?" I sighed putting my head in my hands. "I was there for her, when you was horrible to her, when you called her names, when you didn't trust her, I did. I loved her, I told her she was beautiful and amazing, you didn't. You did none of that Harry and now you have her, you have the girl I wanted from the start," I held back the tears that had started to form in my eyes. When I finally dared to look up Harry had his mouth open slightly, he was shocked at what I had just told him. I told him the truth.

He nodded, and then looked away. Jess was looking down.

"Jessica Garvin?" A nurse called, we automatically stood up and followed the nurse into the room. There was an awkward silence as then Dr. Clarke asked which one of us was the father.

"Well, I don't know, it could either be Louis, or Harry," Jess said, looking embarrassed.

"Okay, well this gel will feel cold, but you already know that," Dr Clarke smiled warmly at her.  "Let's check on baby then," He added, putting a machine thing on her stomach.

"Is it ok?" Jess asked.

"Do you want to know the genders?" The doctor asked, I looked at him funny.

"There is more than one?" Harry had his mouth open again.

"Yes, three actually," Dr. Clarke grinned and Jess gasped.

"HOW MANY?" Harry shouted, he was obviously shocked.

"Can we know the genders?" I questioned, biting my bottom lip. Dr. Clarke nodded and moved the machine around a little.

"Three beautiful little boys," He told us. I looked over to Jess, she was crying.

"Happy tears," She giggled, she must have noticed my worried face.

"Dr, how can we find out the father?" Harry said leaning forward.

"You will have to wait until the babies are born," He said whilst cleaning the gel of Jess' stomach. Jess got off the bed and walked out of the room with us, but not before thanking the doctor for seeing us so quickly.

"Harry, will you just make up with Lou? You are best friends and I don't want you to fight over me," Jess tugged on Harry's arm. He sighed then looked at me.

"I'm sorry, I really am Louis," Harry apologized. I smiled at him and then he ran over and hugged me, Jess giggled.

"Let's go then, We need names for these little tinkers," She beamed. My heart jumped. Then sank again, just like it does every time she smiles. For one second I think I have a chance, but then I realize she has Harry. Reality ruined my life.

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