Baby Styles

Jessica Garvin gets herself a fake ID and enters a club. At only sixteen she meets a guy and goes home with him, she's too drunk to realise that she had just had sex with Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. And he got her pregnant.


17. Chapter 17 ~ Pool Party and Homophobic Harry!!!!????

OK little reminder thingy...

Harry found out Jess was pregnant when Jess was 3 weeks.

They got to know each other and she had a scan at 12 weeks.

She is now 15 Weeks.



Jess' P.O.V


"So let me get this straight, three out of the five boys have said you should have an abortion?" Tom said, a confused look on his face and I nodded. I had decided I needed to talk to someone and Tom was the best guy for advice.

"That's awful," Sofia scrunched her nose up.

Tom, Sofia, Louis, Zayn and I were all sat cross legged on Tom's double bed, sat in a circle formation thing.

"I don't get it, Liam was trying to help us find out what they were doing," Louis sighed and shoved more crisps in his mouth.

"We think that they're being blackmailed," I added and Tom nodded.

"I agree with you, have you checked their phones?" Tom asked.

"We checked Harry's and there was nothing, they must have deleted them," We all sighed.

"Well, If they are being blackmailed they must have a very big secret, I mean who would have a major secret thing for Niall?" Sofia frowned.

"I don't know, it's not management though," Louis informed us.

"How do you know, they are probably the only ones capable," Tom questioned.

"Read this news story, if the baby was aborted, they would embarrass themselves," Louis handed me the phone and I began to read out the news story.


One Direction star Harry Styles is rumored to be the father of a child. Jessica Garvin is a sixteen year old girl who lives in London, she was spotted with Harry a couple of months ago with Harry in a night club. A few weeks later, she was seen with the One Direction boys and her brother and best friend at a theme park. It has now been announced that she is staying in a house with all the One Direction boys, her brother, Thomas Garvin and her best friend Sofia Carter.

Modest! Management have commented on the subject,

"We were surprised at first but of course we support their decision. We believe that this baby will have the best life ever, an amazingly talented father, a very beautiful mother and Uncle Louis, Uncle Zayn, Uncle Liam, Uncle Niall and Uncle Thomas and of course Auntie Sofia.

Maybe we can sat the unborn baby a play date with Lux," I gasped. "So if Management made me have an abortion then they will be so embarrassed and it won't look good for them," It all clicked and Louis smiled, then frowned.

"So we need to find out who is doing this, and what they have against you," Zayn started.

"And of course what they have against each of the boys," Sofia finished. We all agreed with each other then decided to go swimming in the indoor pool since it was freezing outside. We all ran to go get changed.

Sofia changed into this beautiful teal coloured bikini with silver swirls on it.

Liam, Tom and Zayn had plain black trunks on.

Louis was wearing red and blue striped trunks.

I was wearing this really pretty bikini, it was grey and lilac and it was strapless.

As soon as Sofia and I entered the pool room, the boys whistled and we just glared at them. Sofia wouldn't jump in but Tom promised to catch her and when she finally did jump Tom made sure she didn't fall, he was in love with her and it was obvious. I swam over to Louis.

"He likes her, doesn't he?" He whispered into my ear and I smiled, nodding my head a little.

Zayn was sat at the side.

"You okay Zayn?" I asked, swimming over to him, the others were playing water ball or something and needed teams of two so I decided to talk to Zayn.

"I don't really like water, plus I'm not really feeling up to it," Zayn muttered and I got out the pool, sitting next to him.

"I don't like heights, once I got stuck up a tree and a fireman had to come and get me," I laughed and he chuckled. "Niall troubles?" I questioned after a minute of silence between us, of course the other guys were making noise but nothing was said between us.

"I don't get why..." Zayn put his head down, then lifted it back up again. "I don't get why he kissed me, for a second I thought he like my back you know, he actually cared and all that but in reality he was just, I don't even know," He was holding back tears, I could tell this was really getting to him.

"Can we join you?" Liam stood at the door with Harry and Niall.

"Sure," Louis beamed. Harry jumped in first, followed by Liam and then Niall.

Zayn watched as Niall joked around with the other guys.

"I've ruined the friendship that we had," Zayn shook his head.

"No you haven't Zayn, he just needs time to think," I tried to comfort him.

"Ey up Jess you coming in, don't talk to that fag," Harry chuckled as he got out the pool.

He just crossed a line.

He really should not have done that.

I stood up and then walked over to Harry and slapped him on his face, then I hit my knee against his crotch and he screamed out in pain as I punched him in the stomach. I finished it all off by pushing him into the pool. Everyone just stared and watched. I started to leave the room.

"Come on Zayn," I smiled weakly at him and he stood up, following me out the room. I took Zayn to his room since mine was attached to the nursery so anyone could walk in. Zayn was crying, so I handed him a towel and started to pick out some clothes for him to sleep in. A tee and some boxers. I handed them to him and he got changed. He handed me a tee and some of his pajama bottoms to wear, the top fit nicely over my small bump but the bottoms were really long. I didn't care.

I got into bed next to Zayn and we talked for a while before we both fell asleep. I wasn't flirting with him, just comforting him like he did for me, Zayn and I are like brother and sister. Not a strong bond like Tom and I, but strong enough.

I heard someone walk into Zayn's room. Which woke me up slightly.

"Jess, I'm sorry I don't want this," Someone mumbled as they kissed my cheek.

I was too tired to remember the voice but I remember what was said. I didn't understand until I got up this morning.

"Maybe they're right Jess, an abortion is the best way forward," Louis said sadly.

It was his voice.

They've got him too.











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