Baby Styles

Jessica Garvin gets herself a fake ID and enters a club. At only sixteen she meets a guy and goes home with him, she's too drunk to realise that she had just had sex with Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. And he got her pregnant.


16. Chapter 16 ~ Messages Missing and Zayn's Hurting

Jess' P.O.V


Harry had gone for a shower so we took the chance and I sneaked into his room. His Iphone was laid on his bed so I picked it up and typed in the pass code. It unlocked and I smiled. I heard him start to sing. I checked his messages and saw nothing, just random texts to Zayn and Louis and Niall. I had a look at the conversation between Niall and him.


TO: Niall      FROM: Harry

I'm sorry that I dragged you into this -H xx


I heard the shower door open and close so I closed the messaging app and locked his phone, placing it in the same position it was in. I then left the room.

"See anything?" Louis asked, keeping his voice quiet.

"He sent a text to Niall saying he was sorry he dragged him into it, nothing else," I mumbled and Liam looked confused.

"Dragged him into it?" Louis repeated, making sure he'd heard right.

"Yeah, so we were probably right, they're being blackmailed," I whispered. "Texts are missing," I whispered.

"We should keep checking his phone just incase he forgets to delete any of the texts," Liam added and we agreed.

"Let's go watch TV?" Louis suggested.

"Jessica, I think you need to go check on Zayn. he's been outside for at least an hour," Liam muttered into my ear as he left the room. I nodded then made my way outside.

"Zayn?" I sat next to him, taking my shoes off and rolling up my trousers, and let my feet dangle into the outside pool, like his.

"He kissed back for after a few seconds, then after about a minute he pushed me off," Zayn whimpered. His eyes were red and he looked so tired.

"Why did he push you off?"

"He said he had Kayleigh, he broke my heart and he never even gave me a chance,"

"Oh, Zayn I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better," I sighed wrapping my arm around him and hugging him slightly.

"He doesn't love me back, simple as that," Zayn shrugged as if it was no big deal.

"You love me?" Niall's voice called and Zayn cursed.

"How much did you hear?" Zayn asked without turning around.

"Since Jess came outside," Niall replied. Zayn nodded. I looked at him and he was holding back tears. I always thought that Zayn was the strong one, I thought he never cried but I've realized he only cries when he is truly upset, and Niall is making him upset, making him depressed.

"Just forget it Niall, I know you like Kayleigh," He muttered and stood up, and he went inside.

"I don't want to hurt him," Niall cried, looking at me with sad eyes.

"Why did you kiss him then?" I questioned as I pushed passed him and walked inside, sitting on the sofa next to Zayn. He looked at me and smiled, I smiled back. Niall walked into the living room and sat on the floor next to Harry. You could feel the awkwardness.

"Want to order pizza?" Louis said as he stood up. We all nodded and he dragged me into the kitchen.

"What?" I asked annoyed and Louis rolled his eyes.

"You okay?" He quizzed, picking up the phone.

"Yeah fine," I mumbled and sat on the counter. Louis dialed the pizza place number.

"Hi... Yes... I'd like to place an order for delivery.... Address? -Insert address here-..... Tomlinson.... two medium margerita pizzas, one meat feast, three large bags of chips and three small garlic breads.... Yes that's everything.... Okay thank you... bye," Louis ordered and I smiled. The delivery arrived an hour later and cost £45 because Louis had rang up again and added more food to our order.

We ate everything and nothing was left, I mean I was pregnant and ate almost all of it.



"Do you know what Jess, I agree with Harry and Niall, I think an abortion would be the best," Liam sighed.

Not him aswell...

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