Baby Styles

Jessica Garvin gets herself a fake ID and enters a club. At only sixteen she meets a guy and goes home with him, she's too drunk to realise that she had just had sex with Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. And he got her pregnant.


12. Chapter 12 ~ Meeting Niall's Princess and Mood Swings

Firstly, thank you to everyone that entered, It was really really hard to chose but I have finally decided who Niall's girl will be.

And the winner is.............................................  



KAYLEIGH ROGERS!! - Well done!!!!!!!

Also, I have decided to introduce another character, who will be Kayleigh's best friend..

AND THAT IS...........................     KAREN ORTA!!!


I will definitely need more characters so don't give up, you might be the special one (or two) next time!

Also, if you have time check my other OneDirection Story, You Make Me Strong. -

Thank you!!!





Jess' P.O.V


I picked up a bag of crisps, then put it in the trolley. I had gone shopping with Louis while Harry and Liam stayed with Niall. When Louis turned around, I placed four more bags of crisps in the basket. He turned to me.

"One bag Jess," He sighed, I glared. "Two, maxium,"

"Louis, I'm pregnant," I stuck out my bottom lip and he shook his head.

"Three, fine four," He pushed the trolley and I did a happy dance. I always got what I wanted.

"What kind of fizzy drink do you want?" He asked and I looked at the choices.

"Dr. Pepper," I responded and he nodded, putting five big bottles of Dr. Pepper in the basket. I frowned and he added two more. We got loads of food for Niall since he would probably want to comfort eat. I don't understand why Zayn snapped at Niall like that, he knows how sensitive little Nialler is.

"Hey, Lou," I called


"Do you know why Zayn got mad at Niall?" I asked and he shook his head.

"No, do you?" He replied, I shook my head also so we continued to shop. The total cost added up to just under £250. I was shocked and started to ramble about how we could put the five boxes of mini milks back but Louis chuckled and took out his card and paid for it all.

We drove home and we saw another car in the drive. As we entered we heard talking and when we had reached the living room, we saw it was because two girls were sat, one on Niall's lap and the other on the floor.


"Babies?" Harry asked.

"Her mini milks," Louis answered and everyone laughed.

"DON'T LAUGH, THEY'RE DYING!" I cried. We packed the shopping and then sat back in the living room.

"Louis, Jess, this is Kayleigh, she's my girlfriend, this is her best friend Karen," He introduced and we smiled and shook hands.

"Kayleigh," I said sweetly.

"Yes," She smiled.

"Please tell your boyfriend that if he eats another mini milk, I'LL CUT HIS HEAD OFF AND USE IT AS AN ORNAMENT," I warned them and Niall tried to hide the mini milk. 

"I see it Niall, I see everything," I said creepily. 

"S-sorry Jessie," He apologised and I beamed.

"S'okay Nialler, just watch your back," I added and he looked scared.

"Hormonal much?" Harry chuckled and I glared at him. He smirked so I threw the remote at him, lets just say my aim is excellent as he fell to the ground in pain.

"Jess that was mean," Liam commented and I started to cry.

"Harry, I'm really sorry I didn't mean to but I don't like it when people comment on the mood swings," I sobbed and Harry stood up.

"S'Alright Jess, aim lower next time, you know aim for my knees, I don't need them,"

"It overworked anyway," I snorted pointing to my stomach which caused the room to erupt with laughter, and Harry went bright red.

"Sorry HazzaBear," I sang and he scowled.

"Nialler, We have to go sorry, I have dance practise," Kayleigh said as she stood up, Karen stood also.

"I'll go with you, if you want, Liam you'll drive us?" Niall asked, Liam nodded so the four left the living room, shouting goodbye before the door front door closed.

"Liam texted me, he's gonna head home and check on Zayn, Niall is going home with Kayleigh and Karen," Louis informed us and we just nodded.

"I hope Zayn's alright," I muttered and Harry agreed.

"Louis, do you know why he was so upset?" Harry asked and Louis shook his head mumbling out a no.

"I'll talk to him tomorrow," I decided.

"Be careful," Harry whispered and I grinned.

Harry cares about me. Finally he's starting to believe me with the whole baby thing.

I pulled out my phone and played doodle jump, Louis went on his laptop and Harry started to text someone.


"Jess, I think you should have an abortion," Harry said ten minutes later. "I don't want a baby I never wanted a baby,"









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