Dark Harry

I got the idea of the TITLE from a story but the story is written by ME.
"its not important Mia. If you knew who i was then it could put you in danger"
"why? what arent you telling me?"
"I said its not important do keep your big mouth closed and dont stick your nose into my fucking business"
and then the door slammed once again this month.... was he coming back?


22. Zayn

Chapter 20. Zayn

Harry's P.O.V

I sat in a cafe waiting for Zayn. We are going to meet up today to talk about him being my coach. I'm actually a bit nervous. I mean.. its kind of strange but come on! I haven't seen the lad in 3 years so I have a very good reason to be a tad nervous. I was so lost in my thought that i hadn't even noticed that someone sat across from me. "Styles?" I heard a voice say. "Zayn... haven't seen you in years mate. How are you?" I asked. "Pretty good i suppose" He shrugged, "and you?" "eh, same old same old. Been having a few bumps lately." "oh... i see. So you wanted to meet up? why?" He asked. "Well, i have a fight coming up and I don't have a coach so I was wondering if you could coach me?" I asked. "Sure lad just one question: why didn't you think of just canceling the fight?" He asked. "well there is this girl and I want to impress her by inviting her to the match and then saying that I will win... for her." I said, thinking of Mia. "You need to impress a girl? The Styles i knew could get any girl just by looking at them." Zayn chuckled. "Ya well.. this girl is not giving in too easily" I said, sighing. "I see... well lets go. we can't just sit here when the fight is in three days. Get up and lets go train" Zayn said standing up. I laughed, "Thanks mate."

Niall's P.O.V

"C'mon man. Show no mercy." Louis said as i punched the bag repeatedly. "Louis... what will Mia say?" I said as i stopped punching the bag. "Your sister?" He asked. "Ya man. What will she say about me fighting?" I asked. "Why would she need to know?" He asked. "I was thinking of inviting her to the match. Maybe saying that I'll win for her." I said looking at my hands. "Gross man.. you're in love with your sister?" Louis asked, cringing. "NO!" I yelled, "She's just my sister and I think it would be nice to invite her and you don't have to say that you'll win for your girlfriend. Just someone you care about and I care about Mia, a lot. She's the only girl I've got." "That's nice man but, your opponent will call you a sissy if he finds out you wanna win for your sister" Louis stated. "So, I'll have her pretend to be my girlfriend." I said. "she'll agree to that?" he asked. "We'll see what she says" I said. "alrighty then.. well back to training! We only have three days to train so lets get to it!" Louis yelled as i put my gloves on and continued to punch the bag.


So what did you think? Have any questions for the characters? Just leave them below and they will indeed get answered. Oh and how cute? Niall cares so much about Mia!!! It's so cute!!! so like, comment, and favorite this movella? for me? Pweaaaasseee??

xoxo~ Daniella

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