Dark Harry

I got the idea of the TITLE from a story but the story is written by ME.
"its not important Mia. If you knew who i was then it could put you in danger"
"why? what arent you telling me?"
"I said its not important do keep your big mouth closed and dont stick your nose into my fucking business"
and then the door slammed once again this month.... was he coming back?


2. Stranger Danger

Chapter 2. Stranger Danger

Mia's P.O.V

I just shrugged it off and went to the counter and ordered my drink. as i was ordering i guy wearing skinny jeans, a t shirt and a hoodie walked in. The cahier saw and whispered something to the manager and then the manager called the guy over to the counter right next to me. 

"you got a lot of nerve coming here" the manager said to the guy

"i'm not leaving.. not yet anyways" the guy answered.

"don't cause any trouble" the manager said.

" i wouldn't dream of it" the guy chuckled and saw me looking at him, "why hello there... and you are?" he asked. "m- mia" i stuttered. "well... Mia... its great to meet you maybe we should hang out sometime?" he asked me. I swallowed the lump in my throat and shook my head, no. He frowned, "look, Mia, i don't want any trouble and i am positive that you don't either so you are going on the date. Got it?" i nodded my head signaling that i understood and he smiled. "good. you are catching on" he said and hugged me. At first, i thought it was a genuine hug but then i realized that he took my phone out of my pocket and texted himself... 'great... now he has my number' i thought to myself. "i'll pick you up at 8 and wear something sexy" he said and smirked. "but you don't know where i live" i said to him but he just smirked and walked out of the store. "i am so sorry i didn't help you i was going to but... he will definitely hurt me if i did. uh.. your drink is free." the manager explained to me but i just nodded, still confused about what just happened and who he is...

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