Dark Harry

I got the idea of the TITLE from a story but the story is written by ME.
"its not important Mia. If you knew who i was then it could put you in danger"
"why? what arent you telling me?"
"I said its not important do keep your big mouth closed and dont stick your nose into my fucking business"
and then the door slammed once again this month.... was he coming back?


9. Him... my brother... my twin

Chapter 9. Him... my brother... my twin

Mia's P.O.V

My mother came downstairs with a boy behind her. "Mia... This is Niall.. Your twin brother" she said and moved aside so i could see him... my brother... my twin. He had the same color hair... same eyes.... almost the same height. He smiled at me... same smile. I smiled back and he pulled me into a hug. "i will be the best brother to you" he whispered in my ear. "are you staying here?" i asked. "forever and ever" he replied. I can tell that we will pretend that he never left... that we were always together. we spent an hour together until my mom left. "take care of each other" she said before she left. "so tell me about you" Niall said as we sat on the couch. "well... my birthday is the same as yours... my age is the same as yours... my eyes are the same as yours... and my hair is the same as yours" i said. "i meant about your life.. hobbies, friends, boyfriend?" he smirked. "well i am a cheerleader i love to eat and sing. I have loads of friends but my best friends name is Felicia.... and i sorta have a boyfriend." i said. "sorta?" he asked. "well... its complicated so tell me about yourself now" i said. "well i love football (soccer), i have a two best friends named Liam and Louis. Louis is dating Eleanor and Liam and I are single oh and i also love to eat and sing" he smiled. We spent a lot of time just laughing, watching movies and eating but our fun was ended when the bell rang....


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