Dark Harry

I got the idea of the TITLE from a story but the story is written by ME.
"its not important Mia. If you knew who i was then it could put you in danger"
"why? what arent you telling me?"
"I said its not important do keep your big mouth closed and dont stick your nose into my fucking business"
and then the door slammed once again this month.... was he coming back?


25. Authors Note

Hey guys! Sorry about this authors note but me being a girl and writer of this story i just have to ask: who do you ship?

For Mia:

Team Harry?

Team Liam?

Team Zayn?

Team Louis? (even though there isn't much romance... YET)

and I don't think I should write Team Niall because they are siblings (FOR NOW) and they are only pretending to date for the fight. (FOR NOW) But if you want me to write Team Niall then just say so in the comments below and as you can see I clearly have a lot planned for the story and maybe a sequel. Oh and one more thing: Thanks so much! I got 28 likes, 473 views, 24 favorites, and 33 comments. Call me weird but that's a lot for me. So thanks so much for everything and I especially love the comments people are putting lately. *wink, wink* you know who you are. 

For Sameerah_Styles: Thanks so much for being such an active reader. I love your comments. They motivate me. Keep on being active! You're doing great.

For methebestdirectioner: Thanks so much for noticing how Kylie isn't really being in the story that much it makes me feel like you are paying lots of attention to the story. Kylie will be in the story again, but I remind you that Harry loves Mia. Maybe he'll forget Mia and love Kylie or maybe he won't. We'll see. 

For everyone else: Sorry I can't list all your names, but I just want to let you know that I love your comments even if they were from like a month ago. I love them so much and they motivate me so for more chapters and updates I need more comments or else I feel like blegh. And I need more questions for the characters pleaassseeee.


anyways I guess thats all for now..... so byee

xoxo~ Daniella

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