Dark Harry

I got the idea of the TITLE from a story but the story is written by ME.
"its not important Mia. If you knew who i was then it could put you in danger"
"why? what arent you telling me?"
"I said its not important do keep your big mouth closed and dont stick your nose into my fucking business"
and then the door slammed once again this month.... was he coming back?


19. Authors Note

Hey guys!! sorry for an authors note but this is going to be really short and simple. First off: I love reading the comments about how you want me to update I really do it makes me feel like you guys love this story and I promise I will try to update every time I can, but I am a busy bee. I have homework and tests and chores so I can't update every day. Second: I will reply to your comments if you ask stuff related to the book that I can answer such as when I might update, why I decided to write a book like this or even if you can be a character. Sometimes, the answer might be no but you shouldn't be shy to ask because I am almost always looking for new characters. Third: I might have gotten like one question so I would be really happy if you guys ask questions for the characters because I need at least 3 questions for the characters to answer to put in a chapter. I have only one question so far and I am sure that you all will e interested in hearing the answer but I will not make a chapter of the characters answering it unless I have 3 or more questions. So ask guys!! Even if you might know the answer just ask so that your fellow reader can know the answer to their question. I will write how to do it again:

For Niall: Are you really in the top 5 for boxing?

yes, I know that is a stupid question but it shows how to ask it. So once again don't be shy and if you think your question is stupid then don't worry because the questions will remain anonymous. So come on readers!! Ask away!!!

xoxo~ Daniella

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