Stonecold murder

this story is how a boy get caught up in a homicide


2. The incident

I was long gone from the shit-pit and thank God for it too. I decided to head into town away from anyone who knew me, except Alexis. Alexis was my only true friend and she was always there when anything was getting too hard for me. She was always there if I needed something, whether that would be food or a place to sleep. I headed to the coffee shop where she worked and asked for a private chat. We sat down at an empty table

'That fat son of a bitch kicked me out again. I swear I just want to drive a rusty knife through him and watch him squirm and beg for mercy.'

I was starting to get restless and my blood began to boil, my eyes growing with rage.

'Calm down Jackson. I know that Mr Boniface is a cunt but you shouldn't think like that.'

 She took hold of my hand. I could tell she liked me but I was never interested in "love"; to me the whole thing was a pile of crap.

'No, I've had enough of him Alexis. He's pushed me to my limit and it's time he paid!'

By that point the whole shop turned and faced me with sheer shock and horror. The manager walked out and began shouting his fat ugly face off at Alexis for bringing in scum like me and taking expanded breaks on shift.

'You know what, fuck you , ugly little troll. Alexis is an amazing person, so don't go shouting at her for being kind, you fat troll!'

Gasps crossed the shop and I stood eye to eye with the little troll. He turned from red, to purple, then blue, in a matter of seconds. He then, out of nowhere, grabbed me by my jacket and threw me onto to floor


He was boiling with sheer rage. I stood up, brushed off the dirt, grabbed his tie and proceeded to punch him multiple times in the stomach

'Call me scum again and you won't live to see the next day, you troll'

Alexis grabbed my arm and out of her mixed emotions, she slapped me, cried on me, shouted at me and threw weak slaps against my chest.

 What had I done?

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