Stonecold murder

this story is how a boy get caught up in a homicide


1. The beginning

My name is Jackson, Jackson Heartstone. I'm 15 years old and this is how I died. I lived in a small crappy house with my fucked up family. My mother was a prostitute and my dad was a drunken asshole. My brother was a druggy and then there was me, the freak, the insane one, the one that would have killed someone for fun. I went to a very crappy school with some serious douchebags. I hung around with the Emos, the Goths and the Punks. Okay, so I smoked some pot and drank the odd beer and my grades weren't perfect, but if i'm honest I couldn't give the slightest fuck. My life has been over since the day it began.

So there I am, sitting in English listening to Black Veil Brides whilst Mr Boniface was explaining some bullshit about Shakespeare, and how great he was. I couldn't really be bothered. I had my music playing, I was sat at the back of a cupboard sized shit-pit, and then the next thing I knew I was lifted off my seat, dangling in the air, my earphones ripped out of my ears and Mr Boniface began screaming in my face

'Jackson! You worm I asked you a question! What happens to Romeo and Juliet in the end of the play?!'

I wiped the spit from my face and glared at him. I seriously wanted to slowly drive a rusty knife through the mans heart and watch him cling onto the his last strand of life

'Don't know. Don't care' I whispered, and by that point he had dropped me on the floor and glared into my eyes, his brow was raised, his fists clenched, his face red as a bloody poppy.


He had never turned that shade of blue before, and trust me, I would know

'With pleasure.'

I picked up my bag stood at the front of the class

'See you later assholes', and before I knew it, I ran for the door sprinting faster than ever before, down the hallway to the main door. I leaped down the stairs and ran to freedom.

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