I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



After having no luck in that store, we went into another dress shop, I chose another handful and I get Cori tell me what one was good. I get dressed in a white dress that was short at the front and back but was long at the sides and showed a lot of cleavage, I walk out to show Cori “boobies!” she says pointing and giggling, I laugh and roll my eyes at her. I walk back into the dressing room and I get dressed in a short figure hugging sliver sparkling dress with long sleeves, I walk out “and this?” I ask, Cori turns her head to the side “Nah” she says, I sigh and go and get changed into a pink dress that’s short at the front and long at the back and complements my cleavage perfectly “this one?” I ask walking out, Cori looks at me and smiles “this one!” she says, I smile “now you’re sure you don’t want me to try the others on” I say, she nods “this one! This one!” she says jumping up and down. I pay for the dress and we leave to our apartment.


I open the door “what’s my surprise?” Niall asks sitting on the couch “you’ll find out tonight” I say walking into my room and putting the bags on my bed, I walk out into the kitchen and make Cori and I a sandwich “how do I know what to wear?” Niall asks “just wear a suit and make yourself look pretty” I say smiling, he snickers “Niall is that Peyton?” Liam shouts from the balcony

I forget we have a balcony half of the time

“Yeah” he shouts back, Liam walks out “I’ve got to go, I’ll pick Niall up at five” he says, I nod and hand Cori her sandwich “I just want to know what the surprise is” Niall says as he takes my sandwich, I stared at him and he takes a bite “what?” he asks with a mouth full of food, I shake my head and make another sandwich.


We sit around the house. At four I get Niall to help me wash the dishes. I clean them and he wipes them “what’s my surprise?” he asks as I hand him a plate, I shrug “what’s my surprise?” he asks putting the plate down, I roll my eyes “I’m not telling you” I say handing him a cup, he sighs “why can’t you tell me” he complains, I shrug and he rolls his eyes. We finish washing the dishes and we sit down and watch Monsters University “I love this movie!” Cori says sitting between Niall and I.


45 minutes into the movie Liam walks through the door “let’s go Niall” Liam says, Niall gets up and says “okay, bye Cor, see you later Pey” I nod “did you get everything ready?” I ask Liam, he nods, they leave the apartment “time to get ready” I say picking up Cori and spinning around.


I lay our clothes out “bath time!” I say to Cori, she undresses and I put her in the bath. After the bath I do her hair, braiding the top half of her hair, leaving the bottom half out, after that I sit her down in her towel and let her watch cartoons. I go and have a shower. I dry my hair and leave it out so its naturally wavy, I do my makeup. I put on foundation and I do my eye shadow a black smokey colour and I put a light pink lip gloss on my lips.


After that I walked out to Cori “let’s put your dress on” I say, she gets up and I put her dress on. I stare at her in awe “you’re so beautiful bubba” I say smiling, she smiles back “now your turn mummy!” she says “wait, your shoes” I say, I take out black flats and put them on her feet “perfect” I say “now your turn?” she asks, I nod “okay, I’ll be back” I say before walking into my room. I put my dress on and my cream coloured high heels, I walk out “mummy! You’re so pretty!” she squeals, I smile at her “can we go surprise daddy now?” she asks, I go to reply when my phone rings “hello” I say answering it “hey Pey its Liam, how is Niall getting to the surprise?” he asks, I sigh thinking “okay, um, okay, get Zayn and Perrie to pick Cori up and take her to the place, and harry and Niall can come pick me up, how’s that sound?” I ask “okay sounds good, see you there!” he say before hanging up.

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