I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



We finish eating the pizza “well I’m going to get dressed in my pyjamas and then we can talk some more” I say getting up, Niall nods and I go to my bathroom. I do what I have to do and I come out in a black baggy shirt that says ‘Sleep All Day’ and boy leg underwear that have bone hands on the ass. I walk out to Niall “you wear that to bed?” he asks surprised “yeah why?” I ask cautious “because it gets cold, you should know that!” he says, I laugh “which is why I have lots of blankets” I say sitting on my bed. Niall and I talk some more “so Cori sleeps all night?” he asks, I nod “usually, unless she has-“I get cut off by Cori “mummy I had a bad dream” she says with tears running down her face, she walks over to me and I put her on the bed in between Niall and I “can I sleep with you?” she asks, I nod “of course you can bubba” I say, she lies down “I’ll go and sleep in the guest room” Niall says getting up “no! Stay daddy” Cori says as I lye next to her, Niall looks at me “yeah you can sleep with us” I say, Niall smiles and lies next to Cori. We all fall asleep, with Cori in the middle of us.


I wake up the next day to arms around my waist.

wow I wish I could wake up to this every morning

I slowly turn around and see Niall just flickering his eyes open “uh, hi” I mumble, he smiles and lets me go “breakfast mummy!” Cori says from the door, Niall and I look over at her and sees she’s wearing a way to big shirt “is that yours?” I mumble to Niall, he giggles “yeah” I smile “Cor, give that back to daddy” I say, she frowns and shakes her head “mine!” she says giggling before running off, Niall and I laugh “you’re gonna want to chase her otherwise you won’t get that shirt back” I say, Niall sighs and gets up “that’s mine!” he says playfully running out of my room, I hear Cori squeal and Niall laugh.


After ten minutes of Niall chasing Cori around, they both sat on the floor laughing. I look at them amused “I’m hungry” they say in unison “well get dressed” I say, Niall jumps up and runs to my room to get changed. I take Cori into her room and I dress her in black tights and a Minnie mouse dress, I brush her teeth and brush her hair and put it in a braid, a few minutes’ later Niall walks out wearing a grey shirt with a black pocket and cream coloured long pants :can you watch Cori while I get dressed?” I ask Niall, he nods “yeah sure” he says, I walk into my bathroom and do what I have to do and I come out in grey skinny jeans and a pink jumper that says ‘Chanel’ with the Coco Chanel logo on it.


I walk out to the kitchen to see Niall and Cori sitting on the bench eating cereal “thanks for waiting for me guys” I say sarcastically, they look up at me “here I’ll share” Niall says handing me his bowl, I look at the bowl “I’m not hungry” I say, Niall frowns and puts his bowl down. He stands up and walks over to me “I will force feed you if I have to” he says only inches from my face, I smile at him and sigh, then I run into the guest room, not thinking about where I was. Niall runs in “you know you’re trapped” he says as he runs towards me.


 I jump on the bed and run out of the room, I run towards Cori’s room but I get tackled by Niall softly, he turns me over so I’m facing him and he pins me to the ground “Cori, get my cereal!” he yells, Cori’s comes running out with Niall’s bowl in her hands, Cori hands Niall the bowl. Niall puts the spoon to my lips and I kept them tightly shut and I shake my head, Niall sighs and spoons some of the cereal over my face, I glare at him with my mouth still tightly closed. Niall sighs again, so he squeezes my nose so I can’t breathe, I glare at Niall and I open my mouth to breathe, “ha ha!” he says. He puts a spoonful of cereal in my mouth and I eat it.

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