I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



Katy’s concert finishes at 3:45 “okay Katy let’s go before you get surround by the fans” her body guards say escorting her out of the building, she smiles and thanks the crew before she leaves. I look around for Lora and Cori and with no luck I ask Bruce “Bruce have you seen Cori or Lora?” he shakes his head “no sorry” he says, I sigh and start to put the sound equipment away. Five minutes into packing the equipment away my phone rings, I look at the caller ID and its and unknown number “hello?” I ask picking it up “hi is this Peyton Hawke?” I male voice asks “yes, who’s this?” I asks “this is constable James, I would like to ask you to come down to the London Children's hospital” he says “why?” I ask getting worried “Your daughter has been in an accident, we’ll tell you further information when you arrive at the hospital” he says and with that I hang up and tell Bruce I have to leave to the hospital.


I arrive at the hospital and Constable James is at the service desk waiting for me “Peyton Hawke?” he asks, I nod and we walk down the hospital hallway “are you colleges with Lora Madigan?” he asks, I nod “yes, she was taking my daughter to get something to eat while I was working” I say getting worried about where he was headed with this “well, I’m afraid to inform you that Miss Madigan has been killed, she was hit by a car” he says “wait where’s Cori?” I ask with tears in my eyes “she’s in a critical but stable condition, Lora had blocked the full force of the car from Cori” the Constable says, a tear rolls down my cheek “who hit them?” I ask “um a man called Nash Williams, would have any clue who he is?” he asks, I clench my jaw “yeah” I say through gritted teeth “he’s been trying to harm me and Cori for a while now” I say “I’m going to need a statement from you, if you don’t mind” he says, I sigh “can I just see my daughter?” I ask, he nods and points to her room.


I run into see Cori’s lifeless body lying in the hospital bed with things hooked up to her everywhere “oh my god” I mumble as I walk over to her, I hold her hand only to have her not hold it back, I look around and I quickly get out my phone and dial Niall’s number “hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep” his voice mail says, I sigh and it beeps “Niall please you need to answer, its urgent” I say before hanging up. I few minutes later there’s a knock at the door, I turn to the constable “would you like to do the statement now?” he asks softly, I sigh and nod.


After the statement I try ringing Niall again and it goes straight to voice mail, I then try ringing the others but that also goes straight to voice mail. I then text them all but I get no reply


After the tenth time of trying to call and text them all I start to get annoyed. I stare at Cori,


It just looks like she’s sleeping, and soon she’ll wake up


I play with the necklace Niall gave me and my phone rings


I pick it up “hello!” I say “Peyton its Bruce, we’ve heard what happened and I’d like you to take as much time off as you’d like okay?” Bruce says “Okay” I say, Bruce say bye and we hang up.

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