I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



“Okay, we can go now” I say standing on a step ladder, looking down on Harry “jump down from the step ladder and I’ll catch you” he says, I look at him not trusting him “I will catch you” he says holding out his arms. I sigh and jump, Harry catches me and we stand close with his hands on my waist “well” Harry says smiling showing his dimples, which caused me to smile “well what-“ I get cut off with Harry crashing his lips onto mine, I kiss back and pull away “um” I say giggling and blushing, Harry smiles “we should go!” I say, “Aw” Harry says disappointed, I giggle and we meet the guys and leave to their hotel.


I sit on the couch watching Liam and Cori drawing together, “you’re both so adorable” I say, Liam smiles and the rest of the guys come in with food. Niall sits next to me “hey can I talk to you in private?” he asks, I look at him and point at the food “don’t you want to eat first?” I ask, he shakes his head and stands up, I stand up with him and he leads me to what I’m guessing is his room. I look around his hotel room “Pey” he says, I quickly look at him “I want to give you my number, so then if there’s ever an emergency or something exciting ever happens to you or Cori, you can call me” he says, I nod and hand him my phone “and I promise I’ll always be there” he says, I stare at him unconvinced “no matter what Pey, I’ll be there” he says as he types his number into my phone, I nod and my eyes start to tear up. Niall looks at me “don’t cry!” he say engulfing me in a hug, after a couple of minutes we let go “I’m sorry it’s just, no one’s really been there for Cori and I since Karen died” I say wiping away my tears, Niall stares at me surprised and sad “what? Karen died? When? How?” he asks, I sigh shakily “yeah, when Cori was one she got killed in a car accident” I say, Niall sat there speechless. I stare at him waiting for a reply “I’m so sorry” Niall says “I wasn’t your fault” I say, Niall hugs me again “I do really mean that promise Peyton” he says, I sigh “I don’t like promises Niall” I say in a monotone “why” he asks “because they get broken” I say getting up and walking out of the room.


We finished eating and now we’re playing our version of strip poker; it’s when we can choose to either strip or receive a dare. We’re all sitting around the table and I’m still in my shirt and underwear, Zayn’s in his underwear, Louis has no shirt on, Liam’s in his shirt and underwear and harry is in his underwear. I look over at a sleeping Cori “HAHA!” Louis says, I turn my head to the game “No! Not fair!” Harry says as he throws his cards on the table, Louis laughs “what do you choose to do Styles?” he asks, Harry sighs “dare” Harry says. Louis gets an evil look in his eye “I dare you to give Peyton a lap dance” Louis says, I widen my eyes and look and Louis then Harry, Harry winks at me and gets up.


I cover my face with my hands because I was trying not to laugh. Harry pulls my chair away from the table and he starts to give me a lap dance, I put my hands up in the air and cheer, the guys laugh and harry turns around so he was facing me, I smile at him and he sits on my lap “Styles?” I asks suspicious, he smiles and puts one of his hands on the back of my neck and he looks into my eyes, I get goose bumps and he leans in, I quickly turn my head, Harry sighs, I look at Niall and he’s looking down at his hands “Uh Harry mate, I didn’t mean you to get excited doing that” Louis says, Harry and I look at each other and then we look down “Oh my god!” I say loudly, Harry gets up and runs to his bedroom “you two getting cosy there?” Zayn asks winking, I playfully glare at him “I better go now anyway” I say standing up walking over to Cori and picking her up “what? No!” Niall, Zayn and Louis say in unison, I giggle “lads let her leave, she has a three year old that needs to go home” Liam says, the guys sigh and mumble their agreement “I’ll take you home” Niall says, I nod and he takes Cori out of my arms.





Hey guys, I hope you're liking the story. Please tell me what you think of it?

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