I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



I try ringing the guys a couple hours later and still no luck

Why haven’t they been calling or texting me since they left?


I take off the necklace and I open the locket, I stare at the picture of Niall and Cori. I then close it annoyed and I throw it at the far corner of the room, groaning as I threw it “fuck you Niall for not answering, you need to be here!” I mumble.


I sit by Cori’s side and I feel her move “mummy?” she mumbles looking at me “bubba!” I say excited to see her awake “I hurt” she says before bursting into tears, I stand up and hug her as tears fall down my face. As we hug the doctor comes in, he introduces himself and tells me all of Cori’s injuries “she has a broken collar bone, a fractured ankle and cuts and bruises” I nod along and I leave the room to try and call Niall again for the eighteenth time today “hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep” the machine then beeped “Niall you promised” I say before hanging up and walking back into see Cori “we’re going to take some brain scans just to make sure everything’s okay” he says, I nod and they take Cori away.


Twenty minutes later they bring Cori back. I walk over to her side and she’s asleep, I look at the doctor “there’s no unusual brain activity, but we’re still going to keep a close eye on her and with the medication she’s on right now it will cause her to sleep more than usual” the doctor says before I can say anything, I nod and he leaves the room. I kiss her forehead “you’ll get better bubba” I mumble. I sit down on the chair next to her bed. My eyes start to feel heavy, so I decid I should get some sleep.


I wake up to the sound of a nurses voice “I’m going to leave your breakfast for you here Cori” a sweet voice says, I look at Cori to see her eyes still closed, I look up at the nurse and she smiles at me “how are you miss Hawke?” she asks placing a tray of food on the little table to the side, I shrug “I could be better” I say, she smiles weakly at me “I’ll get you a cup of tea” she says before leaving, I turn to Cori to see her awake and trying to reach the tray of food “Cor” I say, she looks at me and I get up and pass her the tray.


Once Cori has finished eating some of her breakfast she falls asleep again. The nurse comes in with my tea and I thank her and she leaves again.


I get out my phone and I try to ring Niall again “hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep”


Of course


“Niall, it’s me, uh Cori’s still in hospital, so call me. Now” I say before hanging up. I stay at Cori’s side all day “you should go eat something” the doctor says standing at the door, I look at him “I can’t, what if she wakes up and sees I’m not here, she’ll get scared” I say, he sighs and walks off. A couple of minutes later he walks back with a sandwich “you need to eat” he says handing me the sandwich and walking out.

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