I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



 Niall puts Cori in the car and I get in the passenger side, I tell Niall where to go and he starts to drive to my apartment “so, do you have a thing for Harry?” he asks breaking the silence, I snicker “no, he just seems” I pause “flirtatious” I say, Niall laughs “he’s always like that” he says “and you being as beautiful as you are, it’s just going to encourage him more” Niall says, I feel the heat rise to my cheeks and I look down “if you like Niall you can take Cori inside and put her in her bed?” I ask him. Niall smiles “of course I will” Niall says still smiling. My phone vibrates, I unlock it and read the full message Have fun with those guys? If I see you with them again I’ll cut you bitch. I feel the colour drain out of my face and I gulp as I lock my phone, Niall looks at me and I just hear muffled sounds. I stare off into the distance with shock written all over my face, Niall touches my holder “Pey? What’s wrong?” he asks worried, I turn my head to Niall “uhm” I cough “uh nothing, nothing’s wrong” I say putting on a fake smile, Niall raises an eyebrow, still looking worried “you’re fake smiling” Niall says “no I’m not” I reply I little to defensive, Niall sighs “we were best friends for how long? I can tell between your real and fake smiles Peyton” Niall says, I sigh annoyed “why must you know me well” I mumble, Niall laughs “I wish we still were best friends” I mumble as I look out the window, I feel Niall looking at me “there’s my apartment” I say pointing to the apartments.


We get out of the car and Niall carries Cori inside “this is her room” I say and Niall puts her on her bed “night princess” Niall mumbles kissing her on her forehead, I smile at how cute he is with her. Niall walks out and walks out into the lounge room “so I better go now” Niall says, I nod and he walks over and hugs me “we still are best friends Pey” he mumbles in my ear before letting go, I smile, Niall starts to walk out the door when I speak up “hey Niall” he turns around “would you like to spend the day with Cori tomorrow?” I ask, he smiles “yeah I’d love too” he say “see you at 10” I say, Niall nods and leaves. I stand there smiling like an idiot at the door “bed, I need sleep” I say walking to my room.


I wake up at 9:30 and get Cori to take a bath. I sit next to the bath washing Cori “you’re gonna spend a day with your daddy today Cor” I say smiling; she smiles and does her little shaking dace she does when she’s excited. I dry her and dress her in a white spring dress with a purple button up jumper. I take a quick shower and get dressed in black skinny jeans with a white see through jumper. At exactly 10 there was a knock at the door, I walk over and open it and there stands Niall and Liam “uh? Hi guys” I say “I brought Liam so he can keep you company while I’m with Cori” Niall says, I nod slowly and Cori comes running out saying “daddy!” I giggle “okay, well it looks like we’re ready to go” Niall says, Liam and I mumble bye and they walk off. I look at Liam “what are we gonna do?” I ask, Liam shrugs “well walking in I saw a gym and spa on the bottom floor” Liam says “yeah I planned on going in the spa, which is why I have my bikini on underneath” I say, Liam smiles “then shall we go?” he asks, I nod and grab a towel for both of us.


We walk out to the gym and spa and Liam being Liam walked straight over to the gym equipment. I walk over to the spa and take off my jumper and jeans “wow Peyton, how’d you get that scar?” Liam asks, I looked at my scar forgetting it was there “uh, don’t worry” I say covering it, shit, here come the tears I wipe away the tears that were starting to stain my cheeks, then all of a sudden Liam wraps his arms around me “Peyton what happened?” he asked concerned, I took a shaky breath “well”.

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