I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



He and Liam walk out of my apartment, I turn and walk away and the door opens “Pey!” Niall shouts, I turn quickly “Niall don’t scare me!” I say frightened, he giggles “we should have dinner together!” he says energetically, I sigh “I can’t, what about Cori?” I ask, he pouts and puts on a thinking face, and then he points at me “we can order pizza! And eat it here!” he says, I laugh “fine” I say smiling; Niall walks out the door “you can leave now Liam!” he shouts, he then waves and shuts the door.


We stand there and Cori comes out “daddy?” she asks rubbing her eyes, Niall walks over to her and picks her up “are you tired?” he asks, she nods “can you sing to me?” she mumbles, resting her head on Niall’s shoulder “of course I will” Niall mumbles before kissing her on the cheek. I look at them in awe and Niall takes her to her room “do you have your guitar here?” Niall asks walking out without Cori, I nod and walk into my room and get my guitar, I turn around to see Niall only a few centimetres in front of me “wow” I say surprised with widened eyes, Niall smiles his amazing smile which causes me to blush “why are you blushing?” Niall asks smiling, taking the guitar, I blush again “it’s your smile!” I say pointing to his lips, he tries to bite my finger but I took it away before he could.


Niall smiles and walks backwards “go sing to our daughter” I say smiling, Niall stops “I love it how you say that” he says before walking out, I smile and get out my iPod and put it on my iPod dock and played Hero by Enrique Iglesias, I mumble along as I sit on my bed and look through what pizza to get. The song stops playing and Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Bublé plays “I'm not surprised, not everything lasts I've broken my heart so many times I stopped keeping track” I mumble along the words.


Three minutes or so into the song Niall jumps in front of the door “They say all’s fair in love and war, But I won’t need to fight it, We'll get it right and we'll be united” he sings as he dances over to me, I laugh at him and he holds his hand out, I take it and I put my arms around his neck as he puts his hands on my waist, we dance slowly “And I know that we can be so amazing, And being in your life is gonna change me, And now I can see every single possibility” he sings before he sits me on my bed “And someday I know it'll all turn out, And I'll work to work it out” he sings holding my hand, I smile at him. Niall looks at my eyes then my lips, then me eyes then my lips again “we should ah ring up for pizza” I say, Niall let’s go of my hand “yeah we should” he says “you can have a shower while I call for it” I say, Niall nods and walks out of the room.


I sit on my bed waiting for Niall to come out of the shower and for our pizza to arrive “is the pizza here yet?” Niall asks before walking into my room “can you smell it?” I ask “no” he says sadly while walking in, he sits on my bed “Niall you realise you’re gonna have to stay the night right…” I say, Niall looks at me thinking, a few seconds later he replies “I realise that now” I laugh at him, and then there was a knock at the door “pizza!” Niall says, I go to get up but he pushes me back onto the bed and he runs out to the door “only one pizza? Okay… thanks” I hear him say, Niall walks in and I put on the puppy face “oh what?” he asks siting on the bed with the pizza “that hurt” I say putting on a sad face, he sighs “how about I let you have the first slice” he says, I smile and take the first slice of pizza “hey Niall you didn’t end up going to prom did you?” I ask before taking a bite of the pizza, he shakes his head “nah” he says with a mouth full of food.

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