I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



I blush “do you want to go?” Niall whispers in my ear, I nod and we leave to my apartment. Niall goes to open the door, but I stop him “wait, what if Liam and Sophia are in there?” I ask “no they took her back to our hotel” Niall says opening the door.


We walk towards my room when Niall turns around and kisses me. We make our way to my bed our lips still in sync. Niall takes off my dress “Niall are you sure you want to do this?” I ask “I’ve done it with you before” he says trailing kisses down my neck. He runs his hands down my sides, he stops his hand under my scar “what did you do?” he asks, I look at him panicked “uh nothing” I say before kissing him, he pulls away “no something happened” he says “Niall” I say with tears in my eyes “what?” he asks quietly.


I bite my lip and a tear rolls down my face “Pey what happened?” he asks wiping away my tear.


I’ve just told Niall how I got the scar and how Nash has been texting me… Niall left slamming the door and I have no idea where he has gone.


A few minutes after he left I got dressed in my pyjamas and I sat on the couch. Twenty minutes later he comes back with Cori “Pey” he says walking over to me, I stand up and he stands in front of me holding my hands. He looks me straight in the eyes “I love you Peyton, I want to be with you and I want to protect you and Cori from this dick” he says, I snicker “you’re as cute as a penguin Niall are you sure you could scare him?” I ask jokingly, Niall bends his arms and flexes, showing his big biceps “I think I could” he says winking, I smile “but I do want to be with you” he says in all seriousness “Niall” I say.


“I want to be with you too” I say smiling, Niall smiles and kisses me, I kiss back and my phone starts to ring, I answer it “hello” I say as I watch Niall chase Cori “Hi Peyton tomorrow afternnon we have a meeting with Katy Perry’s manager because she’s performing October 30th which is in a couple of days” Bruce says “alright, where are the One Direction guys going?” I ask “they’re touring America and they’re leaving on the 30th I’m pretty sure” he says “okay, I’ll see you there” I say before hanging up.


Niall walks over to me “why didn’t you tell me you’re leaving to America on the 30th?” I ask “Holy shit, I forgot all about that!” he says, I sigh “how about we all have lunch at our hotel tomorrow?” he asks, I nod “okay” I say smiling.


The rest of the day we watch movies as a family.


The next day I got dressed in a black singlet with denim shorts and converses. I dressed Cori in a dark blue shirt with a yellow skirt and red and white polka doted shoes.


We went to the guys hotel and we were greeted with hugs “we don’t want to leave you and Cori tomorrow” they say as they hug us.


We laugh and break a part “let’s have lunch!” Niall says, we all agree and sit around the table “no Nando’s?” Cori says disappointed, I giggle “no, but I’m sure your mum will buy you some for lunch tomorrow” Louis says, I look up and glare at him “can you pass the noodles” Zayn asks pointing to the Chinese noodle box, I nod and hand it to him.


Twenty minutes into the lunch there’s a knock at the door, Liam gets up and answers it, he walks back “Pey, its some guy, he says he’s friends with you” he says, I look at him confused but I get up to see who it is. As I reach sight of the door I see Nash standing there “no” I mumble.


I stand in shock and he smiles at me evilly “hey Pey” he says as if we were friends “leave” I say sternly “but why?” he asks innocently, Niall walks over and but his arm around my waist “who’s this?” he asks, Nash frowns and I smile at Nash “Niall this is Nash, Nash this is Niall, my boyfriend” I say, I feel Niall tighten his grip around my waist “you have a boyfriend?” Nash asks annoyed “yeah, now leave” Niall says angrily, Nash stares at us for a few seconds then he leaves “is that the Nash who..?” Niall asks and I nod.


We walk back over to the table and the guys look at us “what’s wrong?” Liam asks cautiously “that was a guy called Nash” Niall say through gritted teeth, Liam looks at Niall and I shocked “I am so sorry, I had no idea that was him” Liam says “don’t worry about, he’s probably gone now anyway” I say “who’s Nash, if you don’t mind me asking” Louis says, I look at him “he’s just a dicky guy” I say, Louis nods unconvinced.


I stand there with the guys staring at me “anyway I’m going to go because I have a meeting, come on Cori” I say, Cori gets up and we hug and say good bye to the guys. We walk out the door when Niall stops us by saying “let me come with you” I roll my eyes “why?” I ask “I don’t want Nash to hurt you again” he says softly, I smile weakly at him “you’re so cute” I say before kissing him. I give his tongue permission to enter my mouth. We stand there making out when we hear “yuck” we pull a part to see Cori covering her eyes, Niall and I laugh at her.


Niall drives us to the arena for my meeting. I make Niall and Cori stay on the stage since there are no artists performing tonight and I go back stage to meet up with Katy’s manager. As I walk in there are four people including Katy’s manager sitting around a table. Bruce stands up “Bradford this is Peyton” Bruce says. A man turns around and he looks to be in his mid to late thirties, he has really dark brown hair and a little bit of facial hair. I walk over to him “Hi I’m Peyton” I say holding out my hand “Hi I’m Bradford Cobb” he says shaking my hand, I smile “nice to meet you” I say, he smiles and nods “okay, let’s get started” Bruce says.

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