I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



I stay backstage listening to the guys perform “mummy, toilet” Cori says, I look down at her and nod “Okay. Lora! Can you watch while I take Cori to the bathroom?” I ask, she nods and I take Cori to the bathroom. We walk into the bathroom and Cori runs to the closest toilet cubicle and I stand near the mirror as I wait. Cori flushes and comes out, I watch her as she heads for the door “wash your hands” I say, she walks over and washes her hands. I stare at her while biting my lip “hey Cor” I say calling her by a nickname I gave her “yes?” she asks “do you want to know who your daddy is?” I ask, she looks at me happily, nodding her head. I dry her hands and walk her outside of the bathrooms, I kneel in front of her “do you remember that guy called Niall that you met not that long ago?” I ask, she looks at me confused, I sigh and rethink how I can explain him “the guy with blonde hair and the same accent as us” I say, Cori smiles and nods “yeah” she says still smiling, I snicker “that’s your daddy” I say, her eye widen and she smiles “okay, let’s go” I say, Cori holds my hand and we walk backstage.


The boys walk off stage and Niall walks over to Cori and I “Hi Cori” Niall says kneeling down to be face to face with Cori, Cori smiles “you’re my daddy” Cori says, Niall smiles with tears in his eyes “Yeah, I am” he says, I kneel next to Cori “Niall are you going to cry?” I ask. Niall wipes his eyes “no, no I’m not” he says looking at me with red puffy eyes “aw!” I say before leaning over and hugging him, he hugs back “Niall!” we break a part to see Harry, he smiles “Cori why don’t you go draw” I say, Cori nods and walks over to the crayons and paper. Harry looks between Niall and I suspiciously “look Harry, Peyton and I were best friends until I moved away and we’re just happy to see each other” Niall says, I nod in agreement. Harry nods unconvinced “hey Peyton, are you in a relationship with Cori’s father?’ Harry asks, I shake my head “No. I’m not in a relationship” I say, Harry’s jaw drops “what? How though? You’re so beautiful” he says, I blush and Niall looks away from Harry and I “Well I work and I have a three year old” I say, Harry shakes his head “The father is a coward for leaving you to look after Cori by yourself” Harry says, I go to defend Niall when Cori walks over with the drawing she drew “look daddy, it’s us” she says handing it to Niall. Harry stares at Niall shocked and speechless.


I look at Harry “actually the father never knew I was pregnant” I say “Niall’s the father?” Harry asks as Niall picks up Cori, I smile at Niall and Cori “yeah he is” I say happily “Niall you said you were a virgin!” Harry exclaims “I thought I was! But obviously not. I can’t actually remember that night” Niall snickers, Harry looks at me “was Niall any good?” Harry asks “why?” I ask shocked “well, I was gonna try and beat him” Harry says with a wink, I go to reply when Zayn and Louis walk in “beat who at what?” Zayn asks “nothing” I say, Louis walks over to Cori and opens up his arms for a hug, Cori digs her face into the crook of Niall’s neck and mumbles something. I look at the time “okay, its 7:16pm go get ready because you’re on stage soon! I’m going to go find Liam” I say, Niall runs in front of me with Cori “I’ll go find him! I have to tell him something anyway” he yells as he runs.

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