I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



The guys finish their concert by thanking the crown. They ran back stage “it never gets boring doing the shows over and over again!” Niall says smiling grabbing a bottle of water, I giggle and my phone vibrates indicating I got a text, I look at it and it read Heard you’re in London, just watch yourself whore. P.s. I love the ‘Irish made’ shirt Cori’s wearing I froze as I saw the text “you alright?” Liam asks, I lock my phone and put it back in my pocket “uh yeah, I'm fine” I say fake smiling before walking out to the stage to take the instruments and microphones backstage.


Okay so I may have missed out an important part of my life before Cori…  Well when I was pregnant with Cori, Karen was dating this guy called Henry and he had this son called Nash, who had this obsession with me. He’d buy me stuff, sexual stuff and he’d send me letters and texts of things he’d like to do with me. Once Cori was born he still didn’t stop, so I told him nothing would ever happen between us and he lost it. He broke into Karen’s house and went into my room; he just started hitting me, throwing things at me, doing all of this while Cori was in the room. He looked over at Cori and made his way over to her cot and I screamed at him not to touch her, which is when Karen came in telling him to leave before she called the cops, he left saying he’ll get me one day, I never believed him. A few months later I was home alone while Karen had taken Cori out to shop for clothes. I was watching a movie when I heard a noise; I just shook it off since I was watching a horror movie so I was probably just being paranoid. Anyway I heard a noise again so I got up to see what it was, as I turned around I saw Nash standing there and then he hit me in the head with something which knocked me out. I woke up to an unbearable stinging going horizontal across my waist. I tried to sit up but I yelped in pain “see ‘ya bitch” Nash says as he leaves the house. I touch my side and look at my hand “he cut me?” I ask myself confused, a few minutes later Karen walks through the door with Cori “Pey! You should see this adorable dress I bought for Cor-“she says walking through the door “Peyton! What happened?!” she screams running over with her phone in one hand up to her ear and Cori in her other arm “Nash was here, he hit me with something and then I woke up with this” I say. Karen tells the ambulance where to go and then she hangs up, she puts Cori in her high chair and gets a towel to try and stop the blood from coming out of the cut. I clench my jaw “how big is the cut?” I ask, Karen lets out a shaky sigh “Uh, it’s about five inches” she says, I squeeze my eyes shut and then everything goes black. I wake up in the hospital “Mum!” Cori says dragging the ‘m’, Karen looks at me smiling widely “hey bubba” I say to Cori “can I go yet?” I ask Karen, she laughs “no you’ll be here for a couple of days” she says, I sigh “Karen, I just want you to promise me one thing” I say quietly, she nods her head “yeah anything” she says, a tear rolls down my face “can you promise that Nash never comes near us ever again” I say before bursting out into tears, Karen throws her arms around me, hugging me “of course! I’ll try my hardest!” she mumbles into my hair.

So now I have a four inch scar horizontal on my waist…


I was packing away all the equipment away when the guys walk over to me with Cori, I stand looking at them “would you and Cori like to come back to our hotel for dinner?” Harry asks shyly, I giggle “your answer has to be yes because I’m taking Cori with us” Louis says holding her, I roll my eyes “Louis she can stand and walk herself” I say, Louis shrugs “how come she gets up me but you don’t Niall?” Louis asks Niall, Niall shrugs “wait what?” I ask “Niall’s the father of Cori and he lets me hold her” Louis says, I go to speak when Niall speaks “I told them, I hope you don’t mine” Niall says, I smile “nah, it’s fine” I say. Zayn and Liam stare at me “so will you come” Liam asks, I sigh “alright, I guess we could go, you guys can go out there and wait for me I just have to finish packing all this equipment” I say, they nod and walk away “I’ll stay and help you” Harry says as the guys and Cori walk away, I nod and he helps me pack all the equipment away.

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