I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



By the time we finish the meeting it was 11pm. I walk out to Niall and Cori and I find them both asleep on one of the many chairs surrounding the stage, I walk over to them “Niall” I whisper nudging him. His eyes flutter open “wha?” he mumbles, he sees me “let’s go” I whisper, he nods and stands with Cori in his arms. We walk out of the arena and Niall takes us to my apartment.


We walk into the apartment and Niall puts Cori in her room and I sit on the bench in the kitchen “so” he says walking out to me, I smile and Niall stands in-between my legs “so” I say, he smiles and kisses me, I kiss back then pull away “you should stay the night” I say “should I?” he asks, I nod “well you’re leaving, so I want you to stay the night” I say, he smiles and nods “okay then” he says before kissing me, I pull away “but we are not doing that” I say poking his chest, he frowns but then smirks “okay, but I could always change your mind” he says winking and walking away.


He walks off and takes his shirt off “you are not going to tease me” I mumble to myself. Niall stops in front of my bedroom door “are you coming?” he asks now only in his boxers, I roll my eyes “you know two can play at this came right?” I say, he snickers “yeah, but I can’t promise I’ll keep my hands off you” he says winking, I smile and blush. I make my way to my bedroom and I strip down to just my black lace bra and underwear, Niall’s jaw drops “well are you coming?” I say getting into bed; Niall jogs over and gets into bed.

 He snakes his arm around my waist and we lie there with our half naked bodies touching “your hair smells nice” Niall mumbles into my hair, I laugh “thank you” I say. Niall then moves his hands up to my boobs and he touches them “um Niall?” I ask “yeah” he mumbles “what are you doing?” I ask “feeling the twins” he mumbles trying not to giggle, I elbow him and he moves back and groans in pain “go to sleep” I say giggling, he sighs and snakes his arm around my waist.


The next morning we wake up to a phone ringing. Niall and I both get up to see its Niall’s phone, he answers it “hello?... Peyton’s why?... Oh shit!... No we didn’t… Why? Because she said no… yeah I know I didn’t get lucky Harry… Okay bye” he says before hanging up, he walks over and kisses my forehead “I have to leave to America, so I need to get ready so I can meet the guys at the hotel to go to the airport” he says picking up his clothes and putting them on “Cori” I yell out, a couple of seconds later she comes running in “say bye to daddy, he has to leave” I says, she frowns “you can’t go daddy!” she says, Niall sighs “I have to princess” he says kneeling in front of her “I love you” he says before kissing her forehead, she smiles and throws her arms around him “I love you too” she says, Niall hugs her back “okay, I have to say bye to mummy now” he says letting her go, she smiles and nods and walks out of my room.


Niall walks over to me and puts his hands on my waist “I’m going to miss you” he says “I know you will” I say, Niall playfully glares ay me, I giggle “I’ll miss you too” I say. Niall stares at me “I love you Pey” he says, I smile and blush “I love you too” I say, he smiles and kisses me, I kiss back and allow his tongue to enter my mouth. We pull a part “I better go” he says, I nod and we kiss again “bye” I say as we pull a part, he smiles “bye” he says, Niall walks out to the door “bye Cor! I love you!” he yells “Love you daddy!” Cori yells back, after that Niall leaves.


Once Niall leaves i shower Cori and dress her in a pink jumper with baby owls on it and cream coloured skinny jeans with pink polka dots and I shower and get dressed in black and white striped skinny jeans and a ‘I heart NY’ jumper. Once we’re dressed we leave to the arena for Katy’s first concert. Once there Cori and I go backstage and sit at the table “mummy what’s this?” Cori asks holding up a book with a picture of a kangaroo “it’s a kangaroo” I say “why don’t we have them here?” she asks “they’re only in Australia” I say “can we live in Australia?” she asks staring at me “when you’re older” I say, she smiles and claps “yay” she says excited “wait you pinkie promise?” she asks holding out her pinkie, I lock pinkies with her “I promise” I say, she smiles and goes back to looking at the pictures in the book.


After the concert we went home, had dinner then went to sleep.


The next morning my alarm wakes me a 10am, I turn the alarm off and get showered and dressed in black skinny jeans and a light blue shirt. I then bath Cori and dress her in white skinny jeans and a pink shirt with a monkey on it.


We arrive at the arena “I don’t know how Katy can do two concerts in one day” I say to Bruce as he lets Cori and I in, Bruce nods agreeing.


Katy’s concert starts at one and I watch from backstage “she has so much energy” I say watching her “mummy I’m hungry” Cori says tapping on my leg “I can’t bubba, I’m busy” I say, Cori sighs “I’ll take her to get food if you’d like?” Lora says, I look at Lora “fine, here’s some money, please look after her” I say getting money out of my pocket, Lora nods and her and Cori walk out of my sight.




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