I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



After breakfast we sat down and watched movies.


Two hours into watching movies Cori runs off to her room and comes back with her blanket and the movie Despicable Me “can we watch this!” she says, we nod and play the movie. I wrap Cori up in her blanket and hug her as Niall hugs me around my waist.


After the movie I get up and get a drink “Mummy is it lunch yet?” Cori asks, I look up at the time and see its 11:55 “yeah nearly” I reply “we should have Nando’s” Niall says “what’s Nando’s?” Cori asks, Niall looks at her shocked, then he looks at me “you’ve never… Why hasn’t she?” he asks still shocked, I shrug and then there was a knock at the door.


I answer it “Niall!” all the guys say in unison looking over at him, I smile at them “hi” they say to me “Hi” I reply, they walk in “we should have lunch together!” Zayn says “I’m going to get Nando’s, who wants to come? Pey?” Niall asks “I can’t I have to stay here with Cori” I say, Niall sighs “I’ll go with you Niall” Liam says, Niall nods and him and Liam leave.


Louis’ sitting down and playing with Cori and Zayn and Harry are talking “hey guys, I have an idea” I say, Zayn and Harry look at me “well what is it love?” Louis says jumping onto the couch space next to me “I want to throw a surprise prom for Niall, since he never had one” I say, they look at me smile “that’s a great idea Peyton” Zayn says, I smile “so you’ll help?” I ask them, they look at each other “Sure” Harry says smiling.


We talk more about the idea and Niall and Liam come back with Nando’s. We all sit around the table and watch Niall as he hands Cori a piece of chicken, she takes a bite “well?” I ask her, she chews some more “do you like it?” Liam and Niall ask in unison “yum!” she says, we all cheer. We sit down and eat lunch “do you guys have to go get ready for your concert tonight?” I ask them, they nod “yeah, we have to leave at one” Zayn says, I nod.


We finish lunch and the guys leave. I clean up the apartment with Cori following me “can we have Nando’s for dinner?” she asks all hyper “no” I say giggling “aw” she says.


After cleaning Cori and I go to the arena so I could do the sound check. The guys do their usual routine and then they leave at the end of the concert.


After everything is packed away I take Cori home and we eat dinner and go to sleep.


The next morning I have a shower and get dressed in black skinny jeans, a white shirt and a grey hoddie. I then get Cori bathed and  dressed in black tights with a purple dress. Today was the day that I’m going to have the surprise prom for Niall. I have the guys coming over at 10 to help sort out what’s happening tonight, they’re also bringing their girlfriends to Niall’s surprise prom, I can’t wait to meet them.


Cori and I eat breakfast and wait around for the guys. As it hit 10 Zayn, Liam and Louis walk in “where’s Harry and Niall?” I ask “they’re coming a bit later, once we’ve finished talking here” Liam says, I nod “have you guys got what you’re wearing for tonight?” I ask, they all nod “have you?” Louis asks, I shake my head “well you better go buy something so you look amazingly hot tonight” Zayn says, I giggle “yes you should! And get something cute for Cori to wear!” Louis says “okay, you guys know what to do and where to go?” I ask, they nod “yes now go!” Liam says pushing me with Cori out of my apartment.


Cori and I walk around looking for a dress for me since we had already found a dress for her, it was a light purple with a black half cut button up jumper. We walk into a shop “okay Cor, I’m going to try on dresses and you tell me if I look good in it or not” I say, she nods and smiles “because you are brutally honest” I mumble rolling my eyes. We walk over to the rack of dresses and I grab a whole heap and I go to the dressing rooms.


I come out wearing a short aqua dress “how’s this?” I ask Cori “no” she says pointing her thumb down, I roll my eyes and I change into a sleeveless long black dress “this” I say doing a twirl, she shakes her head “no mummy!” she says, I walk back in and get dressed in a yellow dress with thin straps and crisscross at the back, I walk out and stare at Cori “not yellow mummy!” she squeals, I walk back in the dressing room “yellow, not my colour, got it” I mumble, I look at the dresses “three dresses left” I mumble.

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