I'll Be There... I Promise

"hey this is Niall, leave a message after the beep" it then went beep "Niall you promised" I say before hanging up



I tell Liam the story on how I got my scar. With tears in my eyes I look up at Liam who has shock all over his face “I can’t believe…” Liam pauses “can you please not tell anyone, especially Niall, I mean if Niall knew what Nash is capable of” I say, Liam nods “so let’s do something!” I say changing the subject, standing up and walking to the gym equipment, Liam walks over to the butterfly exercise equipment and starts to work out. I get into the spa and twenty minutes later Liam takes off his shirt “mind if I join?” he asks, I nod staring at his body. Liam gets in “Niall couldn’t stop Talking about you and Cori since you left” Liam says, I smile and feel the heat rise to my cheeks “um” I cough before splashing myself in the face with the warm water from the spa “do you fancy our Niall?” Liam asks, I shake my head “no” I say, Liam raises his eyebrow not believing me, I sigh “okay! I only fancied him once! It’s not my fault he’s attractive! I say.


 Liam smiles “I’m so telling Niall!” he says reaching for his phone, I stand up and take his phone before he can “hey!” he says, I get out of the spa and Liam runs after me. He chases me around the gym equipment “Peyton!” he yells just behind me, I go to reply when I trip with Liam falling and landing on me “ow” I complain as Liam and I lie on the floor, Liam turns me over and put his legs either side of me “my phone” he says holding out his hand, I shake my head “nah” I say as I stretch my arms out above my head, still holding the phone. Liam leans forward to get his phone “got it” he says as he takes it from my hands, I poke my tongue out at him and he smiles, which causes me to smile, then all of a sudden he smashes his lips onto mine, he pulls back and we look at each other surprised.


Liam gets up “I didn’t mean to… oh no what’s Sophia gonna… She’ll hate me… I just cheated on her… oh no” Liam starts mumbling in a panic as he paces back and forth “Liam” I say, he just ignores me and keeps pacing and mumbling to himself “Liam! Stop and listen to me!” I kind of shout, Liam stops and looks at me “It’s okay, it was just a spare of the moment thing! We’ll just forget all about it okay” I say, Liam stares at me and nods slowly “okay, I’m going to your apartment” Liam says before walking off.


Liam and I sit in my apartment waiting for Niall to come back with Cori. We sit there in awkwardness, I look at Liam “Liam I don’t want things to be awkward” I say, he looks at me “I need to call Sophia” he says getting up and walking into another room, I sigh and slouch in my chair.


A few minutes later Niall comes home with Cori “hey!” Niall says as he walks through the door with heaps of bags, I stand and smile at him “mummy!” Cori squeals as she runs over to me, hugging my leg “hi bubba” I say picking her up “hey Cor, why don’t you show mummy what I got you today” Niall says, I put Cori down and she runs over to the bags taking out a whole heap of clothes and toys “Hey Cor, why don’t you put it all in your room” Niall says, Cori nods and drags all her bags into her room, Niall walks over to me “I bought you something” he says handing me a small bag, I smile and look inside the bag to see a small velvet box, I open it to see a silver locket necklace “wow” I say in awe, Niall smiles “open the locket” he says.


 I open the locket and see it has two pictures in it, one of Cori and one of Niall, I smile at Niall and hug him “thank you!” I mumble happily into his neck, he snickers, and we let go “can you put it on?” I ask, he smiles and nods “of course, but you don’t have to wear it now if you don’t want to” he says, I give him the necklace and turn around “I want to wear it Niall” I say “it has my two favourite people in it” I mumble shyly, Niall turns me around “oaky Niall, let’s go now” Liam says walking out from the guest room, Niall sighs “bye” he says quietly to me, I smile a half smile, not wanting him to go “bye Cori” he yells, Cori then yells “bye daddy!” Niall smiles.

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