Sparkling green eyes, dazzling in the moonlight. I hope he couldn't see me staring at him, because I didn't want to be ranked a stalker or even worse, a loser. Everyone's social life at Redwood High depended on Connor; which wasn't a good thing. My knees buckled when I saw him, which made me look like a loser. My name is Jewles, and I'm madly in love with Connor Harolds.


2. Chapter Two

Colby was still staring at me; I didn't like it. He looked like bad trouble, which he was when he were dating
all those years ago. Yes, Colby is my ex, and he is best friends with the one and only Connor Harolds.
Even when Colby and I were dating, I didn't know Connor that well. Well, as I was walking to Colby-because
if I didn't, he would find me somewhere else. Possibly, even my own home. When I reached his seat,
I sat down. Gulping, and sighing, he looked sweet; not his usual self. More gentle-looking; I was surprised
"Hey, Jewles. Long time; no see." Colby said. Nodding, "Yeah, I personally tried to steer clear of you," I said
with a smirk. "I know you miss me, J. Don't bother trying to ignore it." Colby was so self-centered, it was
annoying, "No, actually, I didn't," when I said that, he dove for a kiss. No, I thought, I couldn't let this
happen. Dodging the kiss I was about to get, I succeded. When Colby found out he was just kissing air, he popped
eyes open and looked furious at me. Too bad, I thought, Colby couldn't have everything, he certainly didn't get
me. Gritting his teeth, "Why didn't you let me kiss you?" I rolled my eyes: they were truly ovibous reasons, "I got
over you, Colby. I don't belong to you anymore." All of a sudden, when I said 'belong to you anymore', his
legendary puppy face came out. The one face I gave everything to-kisses, hugs-and I fought to resist it. Resist,
Jewles, I thought, you can do it, you can. Unluckily, I was the one to lose. When he got me lost in a trance, to
figure out what to do, he planted his lips on mine. Snapped out of it, I began to kiss him back. I missed that kiss,
I just didn't want to admit it. It was almost a make-out session-for 5 whole minutes. My hands were in his hair,
my hands also, fisted up. When we were finished, our eyes were glistening. Colby gave me a small peck on my jaw.
"I think I own you now," Colby reported. Sighing, "C, it's true I miss you, but you have a girlfriend." Sadly looking
up at him, he replied, "True, well, at least I got one last, long kiss from you." My mouth opened, wide. All he did
was use me for one last kiss? You've got to be kidding me. When we rolled up to the school, I was mad, so I
stormed off the bus. I couldn't believe Colby, he was such a user. I hate him. At least I could use this kissing
thing to get connections with Connor...

A/N: Well, this is honestly the shortest chapter I have ever made. On paper, it looks like a lot, but hey, I write big. So, I will update later tonight, or tomorrow, depending on how nice I want to be (;

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