Sparkling green eyes, dazzling in the moonlight. I hope he couldn't see me staring at him, because I didn't want to be ranked a stalker or even worse, a loser. Everyone's social life at Redwood High depended on Connor; which wasn't a good thing. My knees buckled when I saw him, which made me look like a loser. My name is Jewles, and I'm madly in love with Connor Harolds.


1. Chapter One

Sigh. It was the morning of September first. Which meant hello, Redwood High; I was nervous, all I was hoping for was not getting ranked lowly. At least at strange-friends with Connor Harolds. Don't ask how a whole life in high school could depend on a person; it just is. Connor is all a girl would want, and all a boy would want to look like. We'd all worshipped him since third grade, when he declared sea salt chips were uncool.


What a silly thing to say, but we all stopped eating sea salt chips. His words worked like magic, it was unbelievable. Like, every time we touched him, or spoke to him, we were refilled with mind eraser, or something. Whoosh, we believed in him with every fiber in our body again. Sometimes, I wished he didn't work on me, he made my knees buckle. Made me look like a loser, which I was ranked as last year, my freshman year.


Anyways, as you can tell, I ramble. Getting dressed, was a hassle, because I didn't know what looked dorky, and what did. Finally, I decided on a letterman jacket, (in style because of Connor), skin-tight white jeans, and some combat boots, black ones. Adding my own flair with my spiky necklace, I was finished. Except for the ice blue eye shadow and pitch black mascara I put on. Done.


Grabbing my vintage flower backpack, I grabbed a pack of Pop-Tarts, and walked out, sighing, hoping for a great day, great ranking. When I opened the door, I felt the cool air of September. I knew I was going to be freezing while waiting for the bus. Luckily, just I walked out to the sidewalk, the bus pulled up.


As I walked up to the aisle of the bus, I noticed someone I didn't expect to see here. He was bad news, and I surely didn't want him to spot me. Jinxing myself, he motioned for to come sit next to him.

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