Started with a headache

Ok I'm not really good with blurbs.....-------------- Veronica is an average teenage Directioner. One day a certain boy band just happens to turn her life around...... :D


7. Veronica

Chapter 7:

Harry's Pov:

Veronica has been out for at least 2 days. We're starting to get worried. Then on the other hand theirs Zayn, he is in much worse shape. His spine is completely shattered and he is paralyzed. We all keep switching off on who gets to see who in groups. Liam with Louis and Me with Niall.

"Mate it's time for us to go see Zayn," Niall said patting my back. "But I can't just leave her!" I said, tears rolling down my cheeks as I watched Veronica's pale face silently lay still as a stone. "You really care about her, don't you?" Niall asked. "With all my heart......" I said Letting a tear escape my now blood shot red eyes.

Veronica's POV:

"You really care about her, don't you?" I heard a voice say...

"With all my heart......" Another voice saise. Wait, that British accent, who can it belong to... I know it....

"Come on Harry, let's go see Zayn." The first voice said. Niall!! I recognise that Irish accent anywhere.

"I already told you I'm NOT leaving her here! What if she wakes up an I'm not here to hold her and tell her everything is alright? Who else will do that?!" I heard the second voice shout. Ok so that voice is Harry.... Harry!!

Oh man you can't tell how much I wish I could wake up, and tell him Everything is alright and there is nothing to worry about.

A tear slipped through my eye lid as my face went cold and I fell back into the pit of darkness.....


Ok ok I know, I haven't updated in a long while, and this is really short but, I will probably update again tonight or tomorrow night. Ok? Happy now? Ok good!

By the way........ HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Lots of people said we would all die in an apocalypse in 2013 but hey, we're still here right? Yay for living!

Comment and tell me your fav part of 2013, or tell me anything about ONE DIRECTION!!!


~Mama Bird

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