Started with a headache

Ok I'm not really good with blurbs.....-------------- Veronica is an average teenage Directioner. One day a certain boy band just happens to turn her life around...... :D


9. Harry's thoughts

Harry's POV

The doctor pushed the date of Zayn's release even further into March because they still needed to get a lot of X-Rays done. So we had to celebrate his birthday in the hospital along with mine as a mix together birthday.

As far as Veronica goes...... She still hasn't woken up, and it's really starting to scare me. They said they may need to just let her go if she doesn't wake soon. If that happened I would be devistated! I just wouldn't know what to do.

Veronica's dog was rescued from the Fire as well and brought to the vet downtown. She is said to be the best vet there is, and that she can fix and repair anything. I hope he does okay. If anything happened to him, Veronica would be devastated.

Her cat...... She didn't make it.....😔 A huge part of the ceiling fell on her and completely crushed her. Poor little thing.

Veronica's Father has been calling like crazy!! Apparently he went away for a while to visit family and took his girlfriend with him. He will be returning soon, serves him right for leaving defenceless Veronica all alone.


Wow I forgot how easy it would have been to just write a chapter! Haha!

I just or bored of doing homework and decided to get on.

Well here she is! Teddy Bear, say hi to the lil Munchkins!!

"Hi everybody! I'm a teddy bear!"

- teddy bear dances around wiggling arms-

Haha okay, thanks for coming lil Guy.

So this was a chapter to kinda, catch up on what was going on. OMG Veronica might not make it!! Major PLOT TWIST coming up soon in the next few chapters!!

I have a clear purpose for writing this now and know how it will all end.

Hope you enjoyed! Like, fav, and comment!!

You fan me I fan you, I fan you you fan me!!


~Mama Bird

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