Started with a headache

Ok I'm not really good with blurbs.....-------------- Veronica is an average teenage Directioner. One day a certain boy band just happens to turn her life around...... :D


6. Fire?!?

Veronica's POV:

I skipped upstairs to my room to get ready humming the smurf song. "Lalalalalalalalalalala." I sang.

I ran into my closet and picked out a pair of dark skinny jeans, pink sweater, gray overcoat, pink beanie and my black shiny snow boots. Once I got dressed I made my way to the bathroom to do my hair. I decided on curly it a bit. Then I put on my beanie. I don't wear that much make up so I just put on a tiny bit of mascara and some lip gloss. Perfect!!

Harry's POV:

"Hey Harry could you make me an omelet before you leave?" Niall asked rubbing his tummy. I chuckled. "Anything for you honey!" I said sarcastically. "So that's a no?" He asked back confused. "Of course I'll make you one! Everyone needs to eat, especially a growing boy." I pointed out. "Hahahahahahahaha!" We both bursted out laughing.

As I turned around and twisted the knob on the gas stove the whole thing lit up in flames. *Scream!* I spun around. Veronica.

Veronica's POV:

I walked downstairs to see if Harry was ready. When I finally bounded down the last step I smelt smoke... Hmm. The kitchen!!! I ran to the kitchen and saw the whole stove was lit with flames. *Scream!*

"Don't just stand there! Call the Fire Department!!" I shouted to The boys. So Niall pulled out his phone frantically and dialed the number.


After about 3 minutes of trying to calm down the fire it quickly spread. The fire was starting to engulf the whole house. "Run!" Liam yelled to us all. "Wait! I need to get something!" I yelled back running up the stairs to my room. I grabbed a huge duffle bag and started to shove my photo albums, glasses ( hey I need them don't i?), my baby blanket I have had forever, and a picture of my best friends and I at the beach one summer. I Zipped up the bag and ran.

*Roof Roof!*

I screamed. I totally forgot about our pets!! I ran into my dad's bedroom which was completely on fire and put our dog on a leash and started to run to my room to get my Ginne pig. I grabbed the cage he was in and took off for the stairs to get down.

The next thing I knew my vision started to get blurry and I collapsed as black dots started to take over my eyes.


Zayn's POV:

As we were running out I went to grab Veronica's arm to lead her out but she was not there. "Veronica!" I yelled. No reply. So I went to look for her. I heard a crackling noise. Weird, oh well I kept looking for her.

*Crack!* *Pop!* *Bang!*

The second floor started to cave in, more, and more, and more. Until it finally fell on top of me hence making me unconscious.



It's Winter time!! Break out your snow pants and hot-cocoa cause your ganna need it!!❄️⛄️❄️⛄️

Hello my little Munchkins! Sorry I haven't update in a while. I know you don't want excuses but this is true. I was focusing on school, cause hey I want a good education! Hope ya like the update! Bye bye!

~ Mama Bird

P.s. I think I might start calling you guys little ducklings..... Hmmmmm....

P.P.S. Play in the snow for me!!

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