Started with a headache

Ok I'm not really good with blurbs.....-------------- Veronica is an average teenage Directioner. One day a certain boy band just happens to turn her life around...... :D



Sorry for the confusion but I messed up on chapter two then had to delete it and repost. Sorry!!

 So what should I call you guys? Fruities, pillows, munchkins, Purple people eaters, Goonies? Well just tell me if you would like to be called something certain. 

So I know that I just started this but I think I need help from you guys. So if you have any ideas up in your Noggins ( heads ) then just tell me and it might just happen! Thanks to all who have read this even though their isn't many. Bye!


                                                                        ~Mama Bird ( haha aka:Lousky )

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