Started with a headache

Ok I'm not really good with blurbs.....-------------- Veronica is an average teenage Directioner. One day a certain boy band just happens to turn her life around...... :D


5. A/N:

Hellooooo Munchkins! We have now reached 100 reads!! Yay!😃 Thanks again to all who read and enjoy this movella. When I wrote this I didn't think any one would like or even read this. But if I'm writing this then, hey! You guys must like it!

On another note:

Please fan my newly found Co-Author

Harrys_Little_Minion_x !

We will be updating soon so look out for a new chapter with in the next few days. We will probably update during the weekend due to the holiday.

Happy Thankgiving!!

Eat lots of Mashed Potatoes for me!!

~Mama Bird

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