Music is my life

Katie dont love anything more than music but when she meets one Direction her whole World flips around...


11. We have to talk

I knew when we got home, that i was absolutely falling in love with this boy! I just can't help it. I went straight to bed.

I woke up because of Mel throwing a pillow at my face. "Get up you'll be late!" She yelled at me. I lokker at the time, 7:30 shit school starts at 8! Luckily today i knew how you are fast. Sometimes i'm jealous that Mel is a dancer, i mean she's just dancing all day, thouhg most at night. Well i got to school just in time.

I met Garry we went to class toghether. "I hear from Mel that you were watching romantic movies with Harry yesterday?" He says teasing me. "Well you are not right, we were just watching a movie as friends," i said though we watched the notebook. "Yeah sure," Garry said. I rolled my eyes at him.

I got out of school with Garry, we went to my car. We got to it and saw a man standing over there, i have to admitted it, it was making me nervous. We got there i realised it was Harry. "Oh god Harry you really scared me there!" I said hugging him my heart still pounding as if i had just run a marathon. "I didn't mean to scare you," he said. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "I need to talk to you" he looked at Garry "alone", he said. He kind if scared me he sounded so serious. "Well okay, but i just have to drive Garry home, then we talk at me and Mels house, she's out dancing anyways," i said smiling at him.

We drove in complite silence, when all of a sudden Garry bursted out. "Seriously i can't take this silence anymore, say something." "Well what do you want me to say?" I masked, "well someone could tell a joke." Garry said. "How creative you are, i'm proud of you" i say sarcastically, i could see Harry smile at our weirdness. "Why did the chicken cross the Road?" He asked, "i dont know" i said. "It needed to get to the other side." He said. "Wow you are so funny, i'm so proud that i know you!" I said sarcastically. "You should be, alot of girls are jealous of you." He said smiling i stopped the car, and Garry got out. "Dont miss me too much," he said "i can't promise," i said. He slammed the door and we drove to my place.

We got inside and sat in the livingroom. "Do want something to drink?" I asked. "No thanks" he said "i have to talk to you about something important," he said. "Go ahead and talk to me," i said. "Well you might want to sit down," he said. I sat down on the couch, Harry sat in front of me taking my hands in between his. This was making me really nervous.

"Well i haven't known you for that long," he said taking a break. "Well i really like you, and i think that you are really cute, and talented, and beutyful, and i can't even describe how i feel about you." He said. "And?" I asked now it was making me even more nervous. "And i know we have only been on one date, but would you like to be my girlfriend?" He asked. I was speachless, i couldn't find any word, so instead i leaned over and kissed him. I took my hands out if his, only to place them on his neck. He kissed me back and put his hands on my waist. When we broke the kiss to get air, he said ,"i take that as a yes". "Oh you're right that is a yes!" I said kissing him one more time, he sat up in the couch and kissed me back.

I heard the door go, and footsteps come inside, but i didn't care. "Hey what are you guys do-" i heard the sound of bags falling to the ground, first then we stopped. "Well you have to explain that!" Mel said. We just looked at her, "there's not that much to explain, we're a couple now," i said. She smiled "i knew you would get toghether!" She said, "well i'm gonna give you guys some privacy," she said and walked out the door. "You're so beutyful" Harry said "my beutyful princess" he said again kissing me. I blushed, it was the first time someone had called me beutyful. The rest of the night we just sat on my bed and talked about things that dosen't even matter, and then ofcourse there was the kiss' they were perfect.

Authors Note

I should be sleeping right now, ups.

Anyways i'm proberbly not gonna post anything tomorrow.

See ya remember you can kik me if you want to: lovephotos3

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