Music is my life

Katie dont love anything more than music but when she meets one Direction her whole World flips around...


3. The studio

"Katie get up you lazy head!" Melissa yelled. I opened my eyes and looked at the time. "Holy crap!". I yelled i slept over. I rushed to the shower, throw my clothes on and grabbed an apple on the Way out. I got to the school just as bell rang and rushed in to my class. I took my seat just beside Garry. "Thinking about Harry too much last night?" Garry wishpered. "Shut up!" I whispered.

When the bell rang out i rushed out with Garry. "So what are you gonna tell them?" Garry asked. "I dont know, i mean it's a big oppurtunity" i said. "I think you should say yes to it" Garry said.

He was right for sure but i also wanted, to take this education. What should i do?


When i got out of school i saw a car that i never had seen before, i didnt think more through it, until someone grabbed my shoulders and said: "booh". "Oh my god why did you do that?" I asked the person. He was wearing jeans with a beanie and some big sunglass. "It's me" the person said removing the sunglass "Harry?" I said confused.

"Yes" he said. "What are you doing here, and how did you find my school?" I asked angry becuse i knew how he had found my school. "Melissa told me" he admitted. "But can i talk to you at the studio?" He asked almost begging. "Okay but why?" I asked confused.

He didnt say anything he just took around my wrist and ran to his car.

"So why do want me to come to the studio?" I asked. "You'll see" he said.

Soon after we came to the studio. He opened my door for my "Ladies first" he said. "I know how to open a door by my self" i mumbeld under my breath.

I dont know why i were like this, it's not because i dont like him, i actually really like him. But he dont like me for sure.


Harrys P. O. V.

We got into the studio, the first thing she saw was the piano. She sat down by it and began playing. "I didnt know you could play" i said. "Well you only met me yesterday for what two hours" she said i laughed. I just looked at her while playing, she is so beutyful!

" i just wanted to show you the studio, so you could see where the magic is". I said turning to the microphone. I started singing Story of my life. She turned to me and looked at me while i was singing. She started crying, so i stopped singing "is there something wrong" i asked. "No not at all, it's just that music is the only thing that speaks to me". She said, wow i didnt know that she liked music that much. "Well i better get going home" she said. "Do you want a ride?" I asked. "Yes please" she said.

We got into the car. It was a little awkward but we got to talk a little, and i got her convinced that she would make an album. "Well Then i see you around i guess" she said "yeah see you around" i said hugging her.

"So what did she say" Zayn asks as soon as i get inside the house. "She said yes she want to make the album!". I hear alot of 'congrats' and 'good job' around the hall all the lads were now in the hall.


Katie's P. O. V.

"Why did you take so long vinding home?" Melissa asked worried. Gosh i had forgot about Melissa "I were in the studio with Harry, and why do you ask you told him were my school is!" I said to her. "I guess we're even then" she said. "But what happend" she says cheerfull.

"Well Harry sang story of my life and i played piano" i said. "And then?" she asks. "And then nothing" i said yeah sure.

I looked at the time wow 8 and i were already tired! "Well i'm gonna go to bed" i said. "But it's only 8 o'clock and it's friday!" she says. "I dont care" i say tired. "Good night then i guess" she said. "Night".

Author's note.

Thak you so much for favoriting and commenting i love reading your comments.

Alot of you guys have asked about Being a sister or friend of Katie, but i have decided that Katie is a single child.

And also im going to Copenhagen today and i dont know if im gonna have ane wifi, but i Will Update soon as possible.

And yes i am a Dane. But what do you think about Story of my life i love it and i'm really proud of the boys.. :-)

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