Music is my life

Katie dont love anything more than music but when she meets one Direction her whole World flips around...


2. Surprise

"I'am home Mel" i yelled *no answer* i walked into livingroom, and there she is at first i only see her.

"What are you doing in here" she looks at the other sofa, and there are One Direction sitting in my sofa.

"Melissa can i talk you in the hall" i ask as normal as i can. I'm not a Directioner but i'm a fan and i like their music.

"Sure" she says and i follow her into the hall.

"What the heck are One Direction doing in our house?" I ask her maybe a little too loud. "It's fine Katie you know you always sing in the shower?" She asks and i not. "Well i recorded you and sent it to One Direction!" She says extreamly excited." You what!!" I yell Way too loud.

A head comes out the door. "Is everything allright" Louis asks." Yes everything is perfect" i say he walks in to the livingroom again.

"Why would you do that" i ask this time controlling my voice. "Because you area really good singer" she says. I take a deep breath " I guess i have ni other choice than og in there". I say and walk in with Melissa behind me.

"So what are you guys doing here" i say and sit down on the couch in front of Them with Mel. "By the Way im Katie and this is my friend Melissa but i guess you guys already met?"

"Well"Harry starts, "Your friend Melissa send us a tape were you were singing in the shower obviously" Harry says smiling showing his dimples, oh thise dimples. Stop it Katie dont think Like that! "And we liked it alot" Niall says Harry still smiling at me. Wait a second lets pause here for a minute. One Direction liked my voice!!

"And we talked to our producer and he liked it alot too" Liam says nervously. AND THEIR PRODUCER TOO. "So we would love if you wanted to make an album in our studio?" Zayn ends.

I just sit there choked. "Is she allright?" Louis asks. "Yes she is" Melissa say punching me on the shoulder." Ouch " is all i can say. "So" Liam says." What do you say?" He finish." Um i can't sing in front of somebody, the only i have ever sing to is my singing teacher, and now you guys, can i call you back sometime". I say in a weird way.

"Yeah sure" Harry says and puts his number on the table. "Thank you" i say still choked.


~ later that night

"Please pick up your phone Garry"

"Hi sweetie" Garry's voice says in the other end.

"Hi promise me you will believe me when i tell you this" i say.

"Promise. what ever it is" he says

"Okay well One Direction were here today".

"They what"

"Hey remember what you promised!"

"I know but it's just so weird well what did they say"

I explaindwhat happend, and there was silent in the other end.

"So what did you tell them?" he asked.

"That i would Call Them and Then Harry gave me his number". I said trying to keep calm.

"Wait so Harry Styles gave you his freaking number?"

"Yes but i gotta go now bye".


Harry's P. O. V.

"She is just perfect" i sighed as i fell on my bed. "Hey lads Harry has got a crush on Katie!" Louis yelled ofcourse he had followed me into my room, sometimes you just need to Think Harry. Soon all the boys were in my room. "HARRY AND KATIE SITTING IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Liam sang really loud. " the boys kept making fun of me for. Whole but i didnt care i were busy thinking about Katie. Oh i think im in love with her, that sounds crazy u have just met her, and she proberbly dosent even Like me back. Oh god i hope she calls soon.

Authors note:

Soo Harry likes Katie that's exciting!! Hope to Update soon thanks for liking the only Girl that liked so far... I love yoouuu!! Shoutout to her @whyilove1d..

Well would you show me lots of love by favorite, fan and comment :-D

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